Craig Elimeliah VP, Director of Creative Technology and Digital Solutions, RAPP

SXSW Interactive Guide is a series of industry interviews designed to help you navigate the crowds, restaurants, bars, and sessions at the event.

What’s your favorite place to breakaway from the SXSW madness and grab some good food and a drink?

I love hiding out on the balcony at the Driskill with a few good friends, sharing ideas and lots of drinks.

What is the one thing you shouldn’t miss out on when coming to SXSW?

The parties… With my Twitter friends I rarely get to hang out with. It’s a great time to make sure to catch up with social friends.

What’s your secret strategy for hitting as many of the most valuable sessions as possible?

Wearing my running shoes.

What is the most innovative or inspiring thing that you’ve seen or learned at SXSW?

Amber Case’s keynote last year was awesome! So high/low tech and captivating.

What person is your reliable go-to guide for all the great things at SXSW?


Best freebie you’ve gotten from SXSW?

Nike+ FuelBand.

What is the biggest waste of time at the festival?

Waiting in line to get your badge.

At SXSW Interactive, what does “interactive” mean to you?

Ideas! Innovation!