The TRUST List: Twitter’s Cofounder Tries on the Director Hat, Playboy Augments Reality, and Twitter Actually Won the Super Bowl

L to R: Biz Stone, Eva Longoria, Ron Howard, Goergina Stone, Jamie Foxx, and James Murphy

Co.Create: Biz Stone Explains How He Turned 91 Random Photos into a Movie

Teaming up with Canon and Ron Howard’s Project Imaginat10n, Twitter cofounder and first-time director Biz Stone drew on a wealth of images culled from the crowd-sourced project to create an entirely original film based on those selected photos. This article follows his process, from scripting to shooting to post-production, and how making a movie isn’t that far off from building a start-up.

FastCompany: Playboy Steps into the Future with Augmented Reality

Playboy Magazine will be testing out an augmented reality integration with it’s publication, partnering with AR app Layar to give the ahem, venerable, men’s magazine a 21st-century sheen. The partnership will bring a boost of interactive and dynamic content to aid the ailing magazine’s reputation, though the augmented reality version will only be available in the Netherlands for the time being. Is AR the future of print publications, or will Playboy go the way of much of the rest of the publishing industry?

The Huffington Post: Twitter Actually Won the Super Bowl

Despite a fantastic and competitive showing from both the Baltimore Ravens (congrats, you too Ray) and the San Francisco 49’ers, and even if Beyonce brought the house down (literally?) with her half-time show, it looks like Twitter has come out victorious after this year’s Super Bowl. Over the 4+ hour game, including the 40+ minutes of power outage at the Superdome, Twitter reported over 24.1 million posts – that’s up 13.7 million from Game Day last year. That’s a whole lotta Tweets.