The TRUST List: A (Possible) Facebook Makeover, LA Gets Commercial, Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood, and More

Behance Network: A Possible Design Solution for the Eyesore that is Facebook

Designer Fred Nerby takes Facebook’s heinously conceived layout to task and develops an original, handsome new grid system to replace the vile Web 2.0-ness of the present site. Though it’s pretty much a pitch with pictures, this comprehensive redesign is a thoughtful and clever revamp of the social network. If we were Mark Zuckerberg, we’d definitely start listening to the users – especially those with better aesthetic sensibilities.

(Above: South Korean Rapper Psy with Grammy Award-winning Director Matthew Cullen of Motion Theory)

LA Times: Commercial Productions Surge in LA

Ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille: While television and film production may be moving elsewhere, Los Angeles saw big jumps in 2012 commercial production. This bodes well for the historically production-driven economy of the city – despite the recent exit of many TV/movie productions in the area – and points to a resurgence in smaller, client-driven productions across the board. Additionally, many of this year’s Super Bowl commercials come from LA, marking a rise in locally-produced content that will hopefully entice more agencies to bring their work to the West Coast in the near future.

Fast Company: Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood with Zuckerberg Media

Randi Zuckerberg, sister to Mark (aka Mr. Facebook), is set to open a 12,000 sq ft. production facility under the name Zuckerberg Media, right in the heart of Silicon Valley this year. Randi, who is behind much of “Facebook Live” and the beloathed Bravo series “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley,” sees the facility as a bridge between the video and content hub that is Los Angeles and the social media hub of the Valley.

Co.Create: Netflix Enters the TV Arena with “House of Cards”

Netflix will be releasing its first original series, “House of Cards,” a political drama/thriller starring Kevin Spacey and run by “Ides of March” writer Beau Willimon. The series will be released in full on February 1st, the first in a series of highly anticipated platform-specific releases slated for later this year (including the much beloved return of “Arrested Development”). “House of Cards,” which lists David Fincher as an executive producer, attracted a great deal of attention by making the leap to reorient the ways in which TV will be broadcast and seen by the conventional viewer. Because seriously, commercials? What year is this?