The TRUST List: How to Be a Boss, Penn Station Transformation, and More

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Fast Company – “Dick Costolo And Ben Horowitz On The Give And Take Of Taking The Reins”

In this wide-ranging dialogue, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Andereessen Horowitz General Partner Ben Horowitz discuss the position of CEO, the difference between a good boss and a tough boss, and how learning on the job is never an easy task, but a necessary one.

New York Times – “A Proposal For Penn Station: Restore a Gateway to Dignity”

This examination of the catastrophe that is Penn Station is a necessary read, not only for the curious urban planner, but also for the informed city-dweller. While definitely on the scale of “long reads,” this article proposes a slew of ideas that can transform the essential nature of the famous transit hub as it exists now. It also manages to present a definitive statement on the needs of 21st Century New York – not only in terms of transportation, but also factoring in people power, business development, and the possibility of transformative public spaces.

Co.Create – “Sundance Partners With Reelhouse To Turn Filmmakers Into Self-Distribution Pros”

While all signs point to a Hollywood economic resurgence in 2012 and continuing into the first quarter of 2013, many aspiring filmmakers and producers are still looking for more accessible models of distribution for their films. The Sundance Institute, ever vigilant, has heard those cries and partnered with Reelhouse help to foster the burgeoning self-distribution model that is becoming an essential part of the film industry.