Rock Paper Scissors Helps 13 of the Year’s Biggest Actresses Go Nuts

You know it’s Oscar season when actors find time to do things like this. Rock Paper Scissors Editors David Brodie, Stewart Reeves, Conor O’Neill, Gabriel Britz, Paul Kumpata, and Neil Meiklejohn teamed with Director Tierney Gearon to create “Wide-Awake,” a new video gallery from The New York Times Magazine that leads thirteen of the year’s most celebrated actresses through a series of bizarre and delirious vignettes. The captivating series finds Rebel Wilson as a beached mermaid, Kerry Washington as an eerily perfect housewife, Keira Knightley as a raging telekinetic, and more.

Below, watch Anne Hathaway leap from dowdy maid to sad theater girl to total psycho in 60 seconds. (Via The New York Times.)