5 Most Negative Campaign Ads

Think this year’s presidential campaign attack ads have been bad? They’ve got nothing on these ads which pushed the boundaries on good taste and fear-mongering right to the limit.

George Bush vs Michael Dukakis (1988)

Hoping to portray Dukakis as a candidate dangerously lax on crime, Bush unleashed an ad claiming that the Mass. Governor had freed rapists and murderers on a weekend pass program.


Lyndon Johnson vs Barry Goldwater (1964)

Credited with winning Johnson the presidency, the ad created an immediate controversy and was pulled from the air. However, news organizations picked up the spot and ran it anyway, feeding fears of an impending nuclear holocaust.


Hubert Humphrey vs Spiro Agnew (1968)

Hammering Spiro Agnew over his lack of experience, Humphrey let loose this cold-blooded ad aimed at turning Agnew’s candidacy into a joke.


Harold Ford Jr. vs Scott Howell (2006)

A Tennessee Senate race turned hot when this ad was criticized for implied racism, portraying African American Harold Ford Jr. as sexually promiscuous.


John Dennis vs Nancy Pelosi (2012)

John Dennis had previously lost to Nancy Pelosi and so turned to Herman Cain’s ad team for a recent Congressional race. The result got a lot of attention for depicting Nancy Pelosi as the unhinged leader of a zombie horde.