Top 5 Banned Halloween Party Costumes

Design and production professionals love to dress up for Halloween. That’s just a fact. But we’re concerned about some of the upcoming costume trends that we’re sure will make the rounds at this year’s parties.  That’s why we put together this handy list of costumes that really need to be put out to pasture.

Lady Gaga

Besides the lack of creativity, there’s just too slim a margin for error. Wear the wrong oversized glasses or cover yourself in the wrong brand of bacon and you could end up looking like Ke$ha. And no one wants to look like Ke$ha.

Web Pages

I know this seems like a great idea, but trust me. Once you’re at a crowded party and your every turn is causing concussions and severe paper cuts, you’ll wish you’d just tossed on a robber mask and called it a day.


A plaid shirt, skinny jeans and your best James Dean bouffant do not constitute a costume, regardless of how much you may or may not look like Robert Pattinson. The same can be said for unwashed hair, big ears and a permanent scowl. Sorry, KStew wannabes, your life is not Twilight.


This is one of those instances where things on the internet don’t always translate to real life. On reddit, these would be hilarious. But when you’re talking to a woman you want to impress and she asks you about your costume, you’ll regret dressing as a pedophile bear.


Unless you’re in great shape and have no problem performing the Gangnam Style dance five or six hundred times, maybe skip this one.

Anything That Requires You to Change Races

We all know better, but every year someone tries to be the first one to get away with it. Best case scenario: you’ll end up spending a lot of time at sensitivity training classes. It’s just not happening, guys.