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Case studies


Utilizing PR and influencer-led social media tactics to raise consumer awareness about a deadly issue

We Help Global Brands Plant Their Corporate Flags

Our carefully curated strategies, that all begin with a proprietary litmus test, have helped companies, countries and brands position themselves for the future.

Wärtsilä’s Oceanic Awakening

Launching an influencer-led effort to save the oceans for a billion dollar shipping and energy titan

Design/Branding Agency Expertise

Harnessing the power of consumer media for branding and design agencies


Collaborating with one of the most influential designers for the agency launch of the year

Hybrid Agency Partnerships

Building media profiles for the most unique hybrid agencies in the industry


Partnering for the industry merger of the year anchored by a message of brand purpose

StrongArm Technologies

Helping a safety science company raise awareness as it developed COVID capabilities and entered a new phase of growth


Introducing an Egyptian street food restaurant to NYC for one of the year’s biggest launches

What? Watch

A buzzworthy product launch that got influencers talking

Tool of North America

A transformative 8-year partnership, resulting in one of the hottest shops in integrated production

Hyper Island

Helping the celebrated Swedish digital learning school become a stateside influencer


Helping a design innovator become an experiential thought leader

Independent Media

Highlighting world-class directorial talent and one of the most influential women in advertising

Netflix’s Brainwave Symphony

Melding music and technology to promote one of the most innovative shows on Netflix

The Electric Factory

Shifting the Uruguay-based production company into a globe-spanning, innovation lab

South Park On Oculus Rift

Helping turn an Oculus experiment into a pop-culture phenomenon

Stateside Solutions for International Brands

Providing strategic stateside solutions for key global partners

Brand Union

Building brand awareness and a thought leadership pipeline for one of WPP’s leading agencies


Driving millions of views for the masters of viral content