The Olympics Are Awesome! But, Sports Are Weird

I keep coming back to the same thoughts every time I watch the Olympics. What an amazing spectacle of skill and dedication. Then I immediately go to, why the F is she doing back flips on a four inch wide beam? That’s bizarre. The Butterfly?… Weird. Why not go the speedier route and just swim freestyle?

I guess it’s next to impossible to be both a pragmatist and world-class athlete.

Archery I get; maybe someday you’ll be able to shoot a turkey or a deer whilst lost in the woods and live another day. I guess it’s next to impossible to be both a pragmatist and world-class athlete.

I love sports and it’s too bad I’m starting to question their relevancy. To have your life marginalized to one moment in time where you bobbled a landing and stepped on the line or had a bad start and lost the race really sucks. Winning is awesome. Be a winner!

I miss John Hughes…