Tool of North America

Established in 1995, Tool was primarily known as a traditional production company until they formed a partnership with TRUST, who helped transform the brand into an industry powerhouse that specializes in both live-action and interactive work courtesy of nearly two-dozen heralded directors.

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South Park Oculus Rift

South Park fans at Tool faithfully created a detailed virtual reality version of the town, including speaking characters, key locations, and even a few easter eggs. By carefully constructing a tiered PR strategy, including outreach to press and influencers, TRUST was able to help the project achieve viral status.

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As the leading independent West Coast advertising agency, RPA is charged with making globally respected brands appealing to the widest possible audience. However, the company struggled to find recognition in important industry trades. TRUST was tasked with elevating awareness of RPA and its key creative talent across the spectrum of media outlets while also sharing the RPA story of longevity through independence and lasting brand partnerships.

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Scope Bacon April Fools’ Day Campaign

In an unparalleled 360º effort, TRUST’s Sales, Marketing and PR departments not only brought in the April Fools’ Day P&G Scope spot via Publicis for East Pleasant director Brad Hasse, but also promoted the work to a consumer and advertising-facing press audience. In addition, TRUST provided aggressive direct marketing and follow-up efforts which quickly lead to increased brand awareness and board flow.

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