What's In A Name

About the project

Meet the Hitlers is a feature documentary that examines the relationship between names and identity by exploring the lives of people who are linked by the name “Hitler.” To introduce the film and its themes to an online audience, TRUST created a diverse array of content and Tumblr-based website called whatsinaname.me with the goal of creating a light-hearted, quirky context for the movie’s otherwise controversial subject matter.

Project includes

Design and development of whatsinaname.me
Creation of whatsinaname.me content including gifs, photos, and videos
Design and content creation of Meet the Hitlers social media pages
Design of Meet the Hitlers marketing materials and banner advertisements

whatsinaname.me website

TRUST designed and developed the site, curated and created the content, and wrote online copy with the goal of emphasizing the fun tone of the movie while also engaging active online communities. Responsive, shareable, and aggressively tongue-in-cheek, the site and content funneled online traffic to the movie trailer, resulting in over 100,000 views over several weeks.

TRUST also designed and developed videos, images, copy, and a content plan for social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook.

whatsinaname.me gifs

Once completed, the site and content acted as conversation starters which, when combined with a robust PR effort, helped garner attention from Vice, Fast Company, Mail Online, Adweek, and Ryot.

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