About Calendar Watch

Keeping with the sleek, minimal, mono-functional aesthetic of the What? Watch brand, Calendar Watch serves as a practical yet stylish timepiece that lets you set a graphical narrative of your daily agenda on the watch face itself.
Concepted and designed by Masashi Kawamura, one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and founder/creative director of agency, PARTY, and industrial designer Umberto Onza, the What? Watch Calendar Watch syncs with your existing digital calendars via a free companion mobile app. Armed with sapphire glass and a long-life rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for nearly three weeks, the buttonless watch converts your standard linear schedules into a radial pie-chart, with each event represented as a distinctive grey slice on the watch’s subtle black and white e-paper display.

About What? Watch

Launched in 2015, What? Watch made a splash with its debut product, the Stop the Time Watch, which captures significant moments in time with the help of a button and companion app. What? Watch features a global team of designers and entrepreneurs who draw inspiration from Helsinki to Tokyo, Zurich to New York and carry a unified goal of rethinking traditional timekeeping. Marrying analog and digital, technology and style, the emotional and economical, What? Watch aims to change the way its wearers perceive and interact with time.

Public Relations/Strategy

TRUST created a PR strategy for What? Watches that was designed to promote the Kickstarter effort for Calendar Watch and the product itself across a range of publications and tastemakers, with the goal being to reach both enthusiasts and influencers in the lifestyle, fashion and tech verticals. This included highlighting the functionality, practicality and overall aesthetic of the Calendar Watch, while better positioning each story for several targeted exclusive interviews and profile pieces on the product.

The Results

Calendar Watch received widespread coverage across a range of influential tech, consumer and lifestyle publications including The Verge, Esquire and Engadget. In conjunction with the press acclaim, TRUST’s PR efforts drove over 600 backers to the Calendar Watch Kickstarter effort, which resulted in over $160,000 pledged, exceeding What? Watches’ goal by more than 60%.


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