about Weevmee™

Weevmee™ is a web application created by HUSH that aggregates personal Instagram photos (or any others that you search for) into custom, never-ever-ever-repeated, artistic images for your delight and sharing.
Thousands of unique users have created Weevmee™s and shared them with their own networks. Weevmee™ is becoming a platform to create artistic output based on the unique data and content of its users. Plans for next-level functionality will widen the creative output of Weevmee™ across even more digital and real-world products.

About HUSH

HUSH designs and builds digital content and experiences that create brand recognition. Its clients seek to create things that challenge the status quo and buck convention. In return, HUSH raises the creative bar, pushing its team members to take risks, to be noticed, and to leave an indelible mark.

This unique blend of creative and business acumen insures design experiences that are not only memorable and recognized, but have true brand value.

HUSH believes in the uniqueness of every opportunity, and the evolution of its own methodologies. Therefore, its creative process mixes and matches the best from many disciplines, from design and product development, to digital pipelines, architecture and filmmaking. This mixing of disciplines assures that its output is always unique.

Public Relations / Strategy

TRUST collaborated with HUSH to create a PR strategy designed to launch the application across a broad range of publications with the goal of attracting attention from arts, business, and tech enthusiasts.  This included highlighting the most relevant features of the app for each publication, better positioning each story for several targeted exclusive interviews. Efforts drew thousands of users from around the world and resulted in countless unique Weevmee™ images being shared around the web.

The Results

Weevmee™ received acclaim across a range of tech, business, and consumer publications leading to stories in The Next Web, Cool Hunting, Fast Company and others, driving extremely positive word-of-mouth on social media and drawing thousands of users to the application.



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