About the Electric Factory

Established in 1999, The Electric Factory began primarily as a Uruguay-based digital production company before expanding into what is now a full-scale, globe-spanning innovation lab. After partnering with TRUST, The Electric Factory further expanded its reach beyond the South American region and onto a worldwide scale as a company that thrives on ingenuity. TRUST worked with The Electric Factory to highlight its evolution into a multi-tiered operation, and in the process, position and establish the company as a creative leader and influencer.
Through the course of its relationship, TRUST was tasked with creating broad awareness of The Electric Factory and its creative leaders including Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer Juan Ciapessoni through a broad scope of media outlets while also showcasing the company’s various capabilities.


While The Electric Factory was recognized as a digital production innovator primarily in the South American market, TRUST helped elevate the brand beyond just a standard digital production studio and into a multifaceted industry influencer, with emphasis not just on digital work, but interactive experiences, alluring, often bold outdoor placements and wondrous product designs. TRUST accomplished this by leveraging the creative leadership and work from The Electric Factory, targeting prominent media outlets for Q+A’s, first-person insights, project features and company profiles in prominent, topical industry trades.

The Results

As a result of TRUST and The Electric Factory’s partnership, what was once a South American digital production mainstay is now a global innovation company. TRUST worked in tandem with The Electric Factory to promote a variety of projects that highlighted the evolution of a company that’s equally recognized for its creativity, design prowess, aspirational objectives and inspiring initiatives.

Highlighting the Electric Factory’s innovative work

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Promoting creativity and thought leadership

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Forming closer relationships with top publications