more about South Park on Oculus Rift

Looking to showcase their expertise with the newly released Oculus Rift platform, South Park fans at Tool faithfully created a detailed virtual reality version of the town, including speaking characters, key locations, and even a few easter eggs. While tailored for the Oculus headset, users could also experience the project through their browsers, giving every South Park enthusiast the chance to explore one of their favorite shows.

About Tool

Tool is a bicoastal award-winning production company, representing top live-action and interactive directors for advertising projects. As one of the industry’s most versatile and trendsetting companies, Tool prides itself on producing the most groundbreaking integrated projects, creating everything from Twitter integrated fashion shows and interactive documentaries, to viral Facebook experiences. Tool’s mission is to always push for innovation  in storytelling and their creative influence has made them one of the industry’s  most celebrated companies.

Public Relations

TRUST worked with Tool to highlight the most technically and culturally relevant and entertaining aspects of the project. TRUST then curated a targeted list of consumer, advertising, technology, gaming, and design publications, creating a PR plan designed to help the project achieve the most attention possible among users, influencers, and prospective industry clients. By carefully constructing a tiered pitching strategy, TRUST was able to help the project achieve viral status and in the first week more than 500,000 unique users were directed to a browser-playable version created by Tool.

The Results

Tool’s South Park experiment garnered universal acclaim from the gaming, tech, advertising, design, and consumer spaces, leading to stories in Wired, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Kotaku, Engadget and others. Influencers recorded their South Park walkthroughs and posted to social media sites and youtube channels, helping the project extend its reach even wider. Most importantly, Tool demonstrated its continued commitment to embracing growing platforms and innovating with new, evolving technologies.



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