about Scope’s April Fools’ Day Campaign

In an unparalleled 360º effort, TRUST’s Sales, Marketing and PR departments not only brought in the April Fools’ Day P&G Scope spot via Publicis for East Pleasant director Brad Hasse, but also promoted the work to a consumer and advertising-facing press audience. In addition, TRUST provided aggressive direct marketing and follow-up efforts which quickly lead to increased brand awareness and board flow.
As the Bacon-themed parody went viral, TRUST leveraged that momentum further to quickly solidify Brad’s status as an expert comedy director and East Pleasant’s unmatched reputation for creating dynamic and effective online content.

About Brad Hasse

Brad Hasse is the ADC Young Guns -winning director responsible for branded content work for Scion, numerous music videos, and a host of viral content, including a widely covered Planet of the Apes parody.

About East Pleasant

East Pleasant is an Emmy Award-winning production company founded in 2004, comprising a roster of content-producers with expertise on both the agency and production sides of the advertising industry. The studio is a highly flexible entity, able to deliver content in a variety of traditional and nontraditional formats – including TV commercials, films, web projects, episodic TV, music videos and documentaries of any scope, all perfectly tailored to its clients’ needs.

About Scope Bacon

Looking to upend brand expectations while participating in April Fools’ Day, Scope created a bold prank campaign for a fictional mouthwash flavor, Scope Bacon. Scope’s concept was designed to be odd enough to engage their core audience and the media with a buzzworthy product while plausible enough to a spark widespread conversation.


With its growing Sales division, TRUST has positioned itself as an invaluable resource to numerous agencies and brands, connecting them with the most suitable talent for any given project. Like all productions, Scope Bacon presented specific challenges. Looking to pull off a massive April Fools’ Day prank with an exceptionally tight turnaround, agency producers needed a director with a specific point of view and sense of humor – someone capable of quickly delivering a flawless spot with absolute discretion.

Working against a limited timeframe, agency producers had already settled on presenting their client with two directors rather than the standard three when Head of Sales Carson Hood approached the agency. With unique insights into Brad’s abilities fostered by a close working relationship with the director and intimate knowledge of the marketing and PR promoting his best work, Carson was able to convince the agency team to let Brad present a third treatment.

The treatment impressed the agency and client enough to secure the project, and the production experience with Brad and the East Pleasant team impressed even more. Brad has since been called for a number of additional projects with Publicis, and TRUST continues to leverage his recent success to find new opportunities for him and the rest of the East Pleasant roster.


TRUST capitalized on the growing buzz surrounding Scope Bacon, using a series of targeted marketing blasts to spread awareness and draw attention to Brad and East Pleasant’s involvement.

“A Porky Debut” Marketing Blast
“1 Billion Impressions” Marketing Blast
Creative Pursuits: Brad Hasse


Public Relations

While perfectly executed, the campaign presented a unique challenge for public relations outreach, since Scope was adamant that their “new” flavor be presented as completely real. TRUST coordinated with P&G and agency producers, creating a tailor-made strategy to engage trade outlets for maximum media saturation – all without giving away the surprise.

“Scope Bacon “Behold!” Project Release


The Results

The Scope Bacon spot achieved true viral status with 7.5 million combined hits on YouTube and 1 billion impressions. The campaign also received a torrent of media coverage on major news outlets, including networks like NBC and Fox and publications including the USA today, The Huffington Post, Mashable, MSN, and Advertising Age. The result was a new and increased profile for East Pleasant, generating well-earned praise and industry respect for the production team.


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