about Sense8’s Brainwave Symphony

To promote its original series, Sense8, co-created by the Wachowskis (The Matrix), streaming giant Netflix unveiled the “Brainwave Symphony,” which melds music with technology to produce a song that keeps in line with the show’s telepathic themes. Working with Netflix, TRUST developed a PR strategy to promote the “Brainwave Symphony” experience, an experiment which collected brain scans of several fans whose responses to psychedelic imagery and other prompts helped craft a collaborative sonic opus.

Public Relations

Considering Sense8’s broad, pop culture appeal and the project’s cross-genre focus, TRUST worked closely with Netflix to target media outlets in several specific verticals. Beyond promoting the piece itself, TRUST took special care to mold a narrative that also supported Netflix’s more general initiative to showcase their direct interaction with Sense8 fans and their commitment to fostering engagement for the enthusiastic fandom behind each Netflix show.


To build excitement for the “Brainwave Symphony” and the Sense8 show itself, TRUST reached out to key media influencers and tastemakers in music, tech, science fiction, advertising, and design, including not only info about “Brainwave Symphony” itself, but tailored content for each target. A variety of images, the campaign hub video, and a separate, more artistic “Trigger” video all provided a more in-depth look into how the project was executed and how it fit into Netflix goals of increased fan engagement.

The Results

The “Brainwave Symphony” was covered by the right publications and sites, reaching everyone from the sci-fi fan to the businessperson to the audiophile. Features in publications like Fast Company, Daily Dot, Creativity, Uproxx, Engadget, and Vice/Creators Project helped bolster the psychic “Brainwave Symphony” experiment, reaching a mass audience of over 70 million unique visitors, accumulating 50 million social media impressions and garnering over 100,000 YouTube views of the campaign video as well as over 10,000 Vimeo plays of the specialized “Trigger” video.



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Fan Feedback

Fans of the show took to forums, video comment sections, and social media to share their overwhelming excitement for the “Brainwave Symphony” project. Even one of the experiment participants, Brett Candace, entered the conversation to share her experience.

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