About Flowstate

Billed by its creators as “the most dangerous app,” Flowstate is a challenging, yet inventive writing tool that lets users set timed writing sessions – from five to 180-minute intervals – in which any text you’ve typed on the page will permanently disappear if you stop writing for more than seven seconds.
Created by director/screenwriter Caleb Slain and software developer Blaine Cronn, the founders of startup company Overman, Flowstate is inspired by the term “flow,” which was coined by Hungarian psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The app aims to encourage a singular focus on writing in the hopes of eliminating the constant distractions, multitasking and cultural ADD that affect many of us in this day and age.

Public Relations / Strategy

TRUST collaborated with Overman to create a PR strategy designed to launch the Flowstate application across a broad range of publications and tastemakers with the goal of reaching not only tech enthusiasts, but influencers in business and the arts. This included highlighting the most relevant features of the app – including its primary text-deleting function – for each publication, better positioning each story for several targeted exclusive interviews.

The Results

Flowstate received critical acclaim across a range of tech, business, and consumer publications leading to stories in The Verge, PSFK, Mashable, Huffington Post and others, driving thousands of app downloads, several thousand views of its promotional Vimeo clip and earning “Editor’s Pick” in the Mac App Store.



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