about Faceted Flight

What began as a virtual reality game on Oculus Rift, then transitioned into a PC version, will soon be an official launch title for Sony’s Project Morpheus VR headset, which is scheduled for release in 2016 — both in headset and mobile form. Created by Matthew Scott, a veteran game developer from Valve and founder of indie VR studio Department of Silly Stuff, Faceted Flight is a VR flight simulation game in the vein of classic 90’s titles like PilotWings and Star Fox that features a stirring soundtrack, retro sci-fi graphics and lets users suit up and play stunt flyer in any one of three aircrafts.

Public Relations

To shine a light on Faceted Flight, the client turned to TRUST to increase Kickstarter visibility, drive downloads, tap into the VR market and attract the eyeballs of gaming influencers, tastemakers, venture capitalists and viable press outlets dedicated to the vertical. In turn, TRUST implemented a strategy that was predicated upon driving the targeted, curated audience via media outreach to experience the demo version and test out the game. Along with the demo, TRUST crafted a Faceted Flight press release and provided a list of interview talking points for Matthew Scott.

“Faceted Flight Demo Release”

The Results

While still in demo form, Faceted Flight has received coverage from several key media outlets including multiple articles in VR Focus, a lengthy, insightful feature on influential gaming site, Polygon, which was later reposted on Yahoo!, as well as reviews and announcements on crowfunded gaming destination, Cliquist, and Road to VR. The outreach and coverage successfully leveraged the exploding VR market,
ultimately resulting in over 160 million unique views.

In addition to press coverage, a variety of YouTube influencers/tastemakers such as Reality Check VR, UKRifter, and VRNerds, showcased Faceted Flight demos. Along with the influencers garnering over 12,500 YouTube followers, the demos received thousands of views in the process.



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