About Denizen

Since its 2010 launch in Culver City, CA, creative content company Denizen has captivated audiences through its projects for media giants such as Disney, Marvel and Netflix by creating and distributing headline-grabbing, internet-breaking, award-winning content that includes high-profile promotional stunts, VR installations and beloved video content like ‘Tiny Hamsters.’
TRUST was tasked with building broad awareness as well as differentiating the Denizen brand from its sibling content portal, Hello Denizen, by highlighting its multifaceted capabilities and leadership and positioning both companies through a wide range of consumer and trade media outlets.


Reflecting Denizen’s mission to make the internet better for brands and users alike, TRUST created a PR strategy for Denizen that was designed to promote its innovative entertainment projects, stimulating, quirky and amusing video content and its strategic approach to creating viral content across a range of publications and tastemakers. With the goal being to reach both enthusiasts and influencers in the advertising, marketing, lifestyle and tech verticals, TRUST spotlighted Denizen’s collaborative, entertaining efforts with Disney such as the global Doctor Strange VR installation, the Johnny Depp-starring promotional stunts, as well as insights on its strategy to several targeted trades via exclusive interviews, profile and thought leadership pieces on the projects and company itself.

The Results

Through the promotion of its back-to-back projects for its Hello Denizen content brand, Disney efforts featuring Johnny Depp and Doctor Strange VR extravaganza while providing insights from its leadership, Denizen received widespread coverage across a range of entertainment, lifestyle and advertising publications including Fast Company, Entertainment Weekly, Adweek and AdAge. In conjunction with the press acclaim, TRUST’s PR efforts helped drive millions of views on its Facebook and YouTube channels as well as hundreds of thousands of shares for the multiple Disney campaigns and its own viral content.

Promoting the ingenuity and strategic approach of Denizen’s leadership

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Highlighting Denizen’s entertaining, viral, audience-driven content

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