about Hyper Island

Launched in Stockholm in 1996, Hyper Island has grown into an international company that designs lifelong learning experiences for leaders within the fields of digital communications, innovation and change management. It acts both as a learning institute for individuals and as strategic partner to companies that want to transform their business or organization’s culture.
Throughout the course their long-term relationship, TRUST coordinated with Hyper Island’s worldwide hubs to help them unify and communicate their offering, scope of initiatives and insights to a broad range of notable trade publications, high-level decision-makers, business-owners and digital media professionals.


Hyper Island was recognized for its expertise in providing valuable digital learning experiences, business solutions and platforms for change management. To help amplify the brand, however, TRUST created broader awareness and drove enrollment for the global company by targeting prominent media outlets to not just promote Hyper Island’s programs and initiatives like the Google-backed 30 Weeks Founders Program for Designers, but the creative and strategic insights of its in-house designers and educators through multiple thought leadership columns and informative trend reports including Changes of Tomorrow.

In addition, TRUST worked with Hyper Island to connect with prospective and current students as well as industry professionals by creating a series of trend-related infographics and informational microsites that were shared via email marketing, online and on social media.

The Results

As a result of TRUST and Hyper Island’s long-term partnership, the institution is now a worldwide influencer and educator that has increased enrollment in its global programs while reaching key business, creative and advertising audiences by establishing its presence in notable industry trades including Fast Company, PSFK, Entrepreneur and Inc.


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