about Hyper Island

Hyper Island is an international company that designs lifelong learning experiences for leaders within the fields of digital communications, innovation and change management. It acts both as a learning institute for individuals and as strategic partner to companies that want to transform their business or organization’s culture. TRUST was tasked with coordinating with Hyper Island’s Sweden, England, and U.S. hubs to help them communicate their offering and the scope of their initiatives to a broad range of high-level decision-makers, business-owners and digital media professionals.

The project

Public Relations

TRUST collaborated closely with Hyper Island’s Sweden and New York-based teams to craft press releases and collect materials. TRUST then targeted key advertising, business, and consumer publications, generating stories, securing program visits for editors, and setting up interviews that helped Hyper Island promote new programs and future initiatives.

Selected Materials:
“Hyper Island Launches NYC-based Digital Leadership Program”
“Hyper Island Executive Study: Personality Trumps Skill in Search for Talent”


TRUST helped highlight relevant target markets for the Hyper Island sales team, creating a plan and timeline for PR efforts that revolved around sales outreach to a group of key high-level business influencers and company leaders.

Content Creation

By distilling Hyper Island’s brand message into a series of easily understood themes, TRUST was able to write and design sharable media that connected with Hyper Islands targets worldwide, including current, former, and prospective students. Infographics, TRUST-ghostwritten columns for Hyper Island executives, and a branding video concepted by TRUST and Hyper Island, we’re placed in a carefully chosen publications to reach a blend of business, advertising, and creative audiences.


The Results

The diversity of content and outreach strategies yielded strong results for Hyper Island with features and columns in a range of high profile consumer and industry publications, including Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, and PSFK. This increased visibility aligned with an overarching Hyper Island sales effort aimed towards increasing enrollment in their worldwide programs and overall awareness of their global initiatives including events and the Tomorrow’s Most Wanted talent study.


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