Independent Media

TRUST was tasked with communicating production company Independent Media’s mission of crossing over Hollywood’s top feature film and TV directors into the advertising landscape

Wärtsilä “Oceanic Awakening”

For a decade, TRUST has partnered with HUSH to position its leaders as experience design thought leaders, helping the agency evolve from respected design company to innovation powerhouse.

Stateside Solutions for International Brands

With a deep understanding of the advertising, marketing, branding and tech landscape, TRUST has played a pivotal role in establishing international brands Stateside for over a decade.


TRUST partnered with Superunion to help launch the consultancy in the US and bolster its global presence by positioning its executives as thought leaders while promoting its design and creative capabilities.


TRUST was tasked with building broad awareness as well as differentiating the Denizen brand from its sibling content portal, Hello Denizen, by highlighting its multifaceted capabilities and leadership

The Electric Factory

TRUST worked with The Electric Factory to highlight its evolution from a Uruguay-based digital production company into what is now a full-scale, globe-spanning innovation lab

How Storefront Music’s Custom Commercial Songcraft Has Not Only Defied the Digital Age, But Thrived In It

Storefront partners Adam Elk (left) and John Sneider (top, right) are world-class musicians who champion the value of authenticity of sound and musicianship

It’s been an adventurous, fruitful, nearly two decades-long journey to get to this hallowed point for Adam Elk and John “Scrapper” Sneider, a pair of world-touring musicians, sonic innovators and commercial composers who serve as the Partners of New York-based commercial music company, Storefront Music.

From the time of their initial collaboration dating back to 2001 at another well-known NYC music shop, Elk and Scrapper have steadily built a highly collaborative partnership. They have established themselves on a global scale through their numerous commercial endeavors, and individual accomplishments as musicians. While their styles may vary, with Brooklyn native Elk leading the influential and long-running prog-pop band The Mommyheads and Scrapper being internationally recognized for his work as a jazz trumpet player and arranger, their collective experience and craftsmanship make them ideal musical partners.

“Whereas most composers are solitary creators, as band guys we naturally enjoyed writing together and quickly became a successful team,” Elk recalls. “We have highly complementary skill sets that allow us to cover most styles convincingly. It’s like making a record every time.”

“We hate fake-sounding shit. If it’s orchestral, jazz, hip-hop, or prog-rock, we don’t want it to sound cheap. We want it to be album quality.”

According to Scrapper, the pair’s authentic creative approach is reflected in the Storefront talent in-house as well as in their creative partners. “Our standards, which have been reinforced by the composers, musicians and engineers that we partner with, are similar to those in the record industry. We like to call ourselves the ‘acoustifriends’, building our brand on authenticity of sound and musicianship. We hate fake-sounding shit. If it’s orchestral, jazz, hip-hop, or prog-rock, we don’t want it to sound cheap. We want it to be album quality. We started Storefront in an effort to have a voice in the creative process from its inception, rather than stand on the sidelines and just pump out tracks.”

Elk and Scrapper’s proactive, determined nature has turned Storefront Music into a highly productive, well-respected company that has consistently grown since its launch in 2012. With a renowned roster that includes in-house composer James Beer, hip-hop/pop producer Vinny Alfieri and longtime EP Alex Fulton, Storefront has been responsible for the sonic direction of many memorable campaigns in recent years. Among those that both Elk and Scrapper consider highlights are their big band-backed work for American Express starring Tina Fey, the modern funk-driven “It’s Apple Time” for Crown Royal with Anomaly and JB Smoove, the orchestral arrangement for the Snickers “Marilyn” spot starring Willem Dafoe, and most recently, a contribution to the highly-acclaimed Universal Love project from McCann New York and Wool& Tusk for MGM Resorts.

Storefront music team with Valerie June and jazz ensemble record “Mad About the Girl” for Universal Love

A collection of traditional weddings songs reimagined for same-sex couples, Universal Love features a variety of notable artists including Bob Dylan, St. Vincent and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. Storefront partnered with multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Valerie June and album EP Rob Kaplan to reimagine the song, “Mad About the Boy”, as “Mad About the Girl” with an orchestral jazz arrangement and the help of a 20-piece ensemble. “There was confidence that we could deliver an authentic arrangement, true to both the song and Valerie’s sound ,” Scrapper explains. “Needless to say, we were honored to be asked to be part of such an important and relevant project.”

According to Elk, Universal Love reinforces Storefront’s mission as a music company, which includes taking on socially relevant projects such as RPA’s recent “Imaginary Friends Society” campaign for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Moreover, the Storefront co-founder says that Universal Love reinforces the brand’s commitment to authenticity. “This is an ongoing project for us and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Our competitive advantage is our unwavering dedication to the real thing. The music we deliver is saturated with the hallmarks of human performance, which is something our best clients return to us specifically for.”

The dedication to original songcraft, real, organic musicianship and arrangements have helped Storefront stand out in an age where digitally-driven music production has changed the landscape of commercial composition. “One of the hallmarks of commercial production in the digital age has been to create more content in less time with fewer resources,” Storefront EP Fulton adds. “For boutique content creation shops, that has meant a flood of competition offering giant libraries at lower rates to satisfy the demand. We try to cut through the noise by working on projects that truly require custom-tailored original music which fit the aesthetics of each client’s piece. It’s that treatment that our clients come back for.”

Storefront’s Alex Fulton (top, left) and James Beer (right)

“Our competitive advantage is our unwavering dedication to the real thing. The music we deliver is saturated with the hallmarks of human performance, which is something our best clients return to us specifically for.”

Storefront consistently encourages in-person collaboration between composers and agency creatives. “We invite our clients to collaborate with us at the studio or over skype whenever possible, which often means including creatives in the composition and recording process,” he says. “Having our clients there to help make creative decisions in real-time means that they leave the studio with music that they had a fundamental hand in creating. It also saves weeks of back and forth in the revision process because they are intimate with the elements of the composition and can pinpoint any adjustments necessary.”

As the Storefront Music brand has evolved over the last six years, so have the business and strategic sensibilities of its co-founders, who reveal that the company is eyeing West Coast expansion. “We started out with the confidence that we could write anything, but had basically zero business acumen and faced the daunting task of fostering relationships in our industry,” Scrapper adds. “But we built our brand on the quality of the music and friendships. Now we are writing for companies all over the country and have the machine to handle the work without ever sacrificing anything in quality. This is who we are.”

About Storefront Music
Storefront Music is a boutique music and sound design studio based in New York City, specializing in music for picture. Our music can be heard in advertisements for, American Express, Chevy, AT&T, Nike, CITI and IBM, among other national and international brands.
What? Watch Encourages Self-Expression, Delivers Inspiration with Stylish ‘Quotes Watch’

On the heels of its highly successful product launch of the sleek, minimal Calendar Watch, smartwatch brand What? Watch has returned to unveil a stylish new wrist accessory dubbed ‘Quotes Watch.’

Visit the Kickstarter here

Crafted by ISPO Gold award-winning industrial designer Ulrich Oberwelz, Quotes Watch is an app-driven timepiece that displays not just time of day, but words of inspiration to propel the daily lives of students, young professionals and active men and women of all ages.

Reflecting What? Watch’s minimalistic, monofunctional approach that negates the tech-heavy clutter of standard smartwatch design, Quotes Watch seamlessly connects the digital and physical space through a singular Quotes app. Whether relaying profound words from the Quotes database, personal texts from loved ones or Twitter messages from specific channels, the Quotes app allows Quotes Watch wearers to add their own unique flair to their messages through the customization of sources, categories, fonts and style filters. “Quotes Watch is more than just a timekeeper,” What? Watch CEO Igor Basargin states. “It’s a very emotional product, as it has the power to inspire, connect people on a more intimate level, motivate and be used to express oneself.”

With Kickstarter pledge pricing starting at ~ $90, and two for ~ $140, Quotes Watch serves as an ideal fashion accessory with its sleek, slender design, swipeable display and fresh color variations. According to Basargin, crowdfunding through Kickstarter continues to be the most ideal outlet to bring a product to market.

“We hope to get the Kickstarter community to not only back the project but also buy into the idea, so that we can bring inspiring, uplifting words into their daily lives. After running two successful Kickstarter campaigns, we couldn’t be in a better position or have a better product to launch our next campaign. We love this project, and are hoping that potential backers will also love it.”

For more on What? Watch:



About What? Watch:

Composed of a diverse international cast of designers and entrepreneurs, What? Watch is focused on rethinking traditional timekeeping. Our aim is to create products that are distinctive and interesting. Providing both great value for the money and truly meaningful emotional benefits, our watches combine digital and analog, technology and style, in distinctive and original ways. From Tokyo to Helsinki, Zurich to New York, our global design perspective serves to reshape the way how What? Watch wearers perceive and interact with time.

The1stMovement Taps Network Engineers to Create First Habitat on The Red Planet with Cisco’s ‘Mars Network Challenge’ Game

Digital agency The1stMovement (T1M), working in partnership with tech giant Cisco, has developed a fun and addictive gaming platform designed specifically to engage enterprise network audiences called ‘Mars Network Challenge’.

Video Production Credit: MRM

Mars Network Challenge was based upon popular tower defense game concepts, a style proven to support mass audience engagement and one that could be adapted to the “Mars habitation” story that T1M conceived exclusively for Cisco. “We incorporated Cisco’s enterprise network solutions into the game so audiences could experience them in a thematic, story-driven experience,” says Joe Gray, Creative Director at The1stMovement. “People from around the globe were then recruited to help a team of scientists, engineers, botanists, and geologists set up and maintain the first self-sufficient, self-sustaining human presence on Mars.”

Designed as a scalable platform, Mars Network Challenge came to life–from ideation to execution–by leveraging T1M’s “agile” methodology. This included Design Sprints to reveal key challenges and opportunities for enterprise network audiences as well as a way to rapid prototype and test early game versions. “During The1stMovement’s Design Sprint, we learned that the journey to Mars is considered an important human endeavor for global audiences,” notes Ido Glazer, Marketing Manager at Cisco. “While it was important that we create a scalable online platform, it was critical that the story have universal appeal as the game had to be delivered in 23 languages across 43 countries.”

“With metrics, Cisco solution benefits, and the desires of key target audiences in hand, we conceived an unconventional approach to solution awareness, action, and interaction: an addictive online scalable game platform to expose people to key benefits of Cisco solutions,” explains T1M’s Director of Engagement Strategy, Jeff Dumo. “We believed that if we could construct a game based on the five traits of addictive games – ‘no instructions’ gameplay, endless levels, unlimited ways to beat each level, ‘just missed it’ difficulty and simple scoring and reward systems – we might just be able to create a new kind of digital engagement platform for Cisco.”

The Mars Network Challenge game takes place in various geographical areas of Mars. Each area has a series of bases that require players to perform tasks related to the base type and function. Within each base are five, quick reaction, Tower Defense Game levels and a related Base Challenge that requires players to navigate real Cisco solutions to complete network and security tasks. “As levels become increasingly difficult, Base Challenges offer the gamer the chance to win power-ups that help them advance in the Tower Defense game,” says Dumo. “Base Challenges also are the primary way that a gamer is introduced and exposed to Cisco solutions, their benefits, and capabilities.”

The gaming experience took about five months to execute from design sprint to launch. Cisco and T1M plans to now roll out new game levels and solution challenges for Mars Network Challenge over the span of 12 months.

“Games, like other forms of entertainment, have the ability to captivate and ignite our imagination, transporting us momentarily into a different reality, and delivering a positive emotional experience through an interactive narrative,” adds T1M CEO Ming Chan. “With its highly technical audience, Cisco believes that a game can do more than simply generating awareness, but also grow its business.”

It’s an innovative and creative approach from a technology company and brand that is a leader in its sector. The concept appears to be working. Mars Network Challenge has been among the top performing content on in terms of engagement.



About The1stMovement:

Digital is our one – and only – focus at The1stMovement. Founded in April 2006, we are an independently-owned, MBE certified digital agency with offices in Los Angeles, Denver and Hong Kong. As digital consultants, creatives and technologists, we design, build and market products for enterprises large and small. Let’s build something amazing together.

Brand Union

TRUST established the agency as  a creative force and industry influencer by creating significant awareness across a broad range of outlets while also showcasing its capabilities in branding, design and strategy.

Adar Medical Uniforms Celebrates National Nurses Week with #AdarLovesNurses Social Media Contest

Nurses win a year’s worth of scrubs and other great prizes

Though they fulfill a vital function within the medical community, nurses are sometimes the underrated heroes of healthcare, providing comfort and saving lives in our hospitals, homes, schools, and more. While one week isn’t nearly enough time to acknowledge the important role they play, medical apparel company Adar Medical Uniforms is honoring the nursing community with #AdarLovesNurses, a social media giveaway launching during National Nurses Week (May 6–12 2017). In an effort to celebrate nurses and nursing students while highlighting their personalities, unique styles, and inspirations, Adar is encouraging nursing social media users nationwide to express themselves across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and potentially win great, useful gifts and a year’s worth of scrubs** in the process. By sharing their nursing inspirations through images and video, select nurses will receive special prizes and clothing from our Universal, Pop Stretch, and Indulgence collections and, at the same time, give the nursing community the attention it deserves.


For nurses who wish to participate in Adar’s social contest, here’s how you do it:

  1. While wearing their own scrubs, nurses must take a selfie or photo
  2. Post the photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and in the text area, name your nursing hero or inspiration with quick line or two explaining why
  3. Mention @adarmeduniforms and/or use the hashtag #AdarLovesNurses
  4. Enter as many times as you’d like
  5. That’s it!


At the end of Nurses Week (May 12th), Adar will select 10 winners who will receive an assortment of gifts including:

  • A year’s worth of Adar scrubs – equaling 4 sets (4 tops and pants)** – from Universal, Pop Stretch or Indulgence collection*
  • Adar’s massively popular underscrub*
  • Adar everyday bag and lunch bag
  • Adar notepad
  • A one-click LED pen light/touchscreen stylus
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizers
  • Adar heart pencils

We know that nurses are the cornerstone of not only Adar’s business, but of the medical industry at large. For National Nurses Week, we’re helping to thank them for the job they do, allowing more people to discover who they are and hopefully proving that #AdarLovesNurses.

Click here to visit Adar’s Instagram
Click here to visit Adar’s Twitter 
Click here to visit Adar’s Facebook

For more information, contact:

Nathaniel Pollard
Marketing and Brand Strategist

Stuart Hirsch
Adar Medical Uniforms
Phone: 718-935-1197
Direct Ext. 3220

** amounts calculated according to purchasing patterns, equaling approx. 4 scrub sets a year
*styles and colors to be chosen by Adar depending on existing inventory.

About Adar Medical Uniforms

For over 45 years, Adar Medical Uniforms has been furnishing the medical professional community with the widest variety of fashionable, practical, high-performance medical work wear. With our varied portfolio and ever-expanding collections, we are constantly striving to make our products and programs better for the unique and varied needs of our wholesalers, retailers and “our” customers. We are always seeking ways to expedite distribution, improve designs, develop effective and unique retail support programs and, most importantly, to provide apparel and accessories to match the needs of the wide variety of medical professionals. What will never change, is our commitment to deliver comfort and quality for our customers and our shared commitment to our partners’ success.

Hyper Island

Hyper Island is an international company that designs lifelong learning experiences for leaders within the fields of digital communications, innovation and change management. TRUST was tasked with helping Hyper Island communicate their offering and the scope of their initiatives to a broad range of high-level decision-makers, business-owners and digital media professionals.

HUSH Inspires Peak Performance with All-New Suite of Intensive Games for Equinox’s In-Studio Cycling Experience ‘The Pursuit By Equinox’

Experience design agency HUSH furthers its partnership with the high performance lifestyle brand, Equinox with its latest enhancement of the trademark in-studio competitive digital cycling platform, ‘The Pursuit by Equinox’. With four all-new games, HUSH’s suite of unique cycling experiences inspire participation while also helping users reach optimal performance.

“The first version of ‘The Pursuit by Equinox’ created a lot of interest, so our job was to augment and elevate the experience with games that integrate the instructor and game to deliver the most effective, physiology-driven workout possible,” explains HUSH Founding Partner/Creative Leader David Schwarz. “The challenge was to really understand the way both the body and mind work in the context of a 40+ person group fitness experience – and how digital interaction, interface and technology can amplify that experience in both competitive and collaborative ways.”

Compelled by the sociological nature of ‘The Pursuit by Equinox’, HUSH drew up a design strategy and developed the four new games: ‘Daredevils’, ‘Earthquake’, ‘Firestorm’ and ‘The Chase’.

‘Daredevils’ turns riders into a virtual glowing ball of fire, which grows brighter as speed and resistance increases, eventually launching the ball into the air to determine the rider’s score. ‘Firestorm’ has riders circled around a central glowing ‘sun’ in which they compete to pull in visualized energy (points) by faster pedaling. ‘Earthquake,’on the other hand, tests upward mobility as riders, represented as white circular graphics, must move level to level to avoid a seismic natural disaster. Lastly, ‘The Chase’ evokes the aesthetics of Tron as riders pair up to race on a z-axis down an endless, minimalist road.

Despite the varying themes and scope of the new ‘Pursuit by Equinox’ experiences, HUSH had to maintain several unifying design components. This included visualizing consistent information (structure/data and metrics) as part of the overall UI, developing a compelling narrative arc for each game, allowing useful instructor integration, as well as highlighting the benefits of collaboration and competition while reducing any discouragement of failure.

However, these goals proved little challenge as HUSH and Equinox worked closely to rapidly concept, prototype, design and develop, and test each game. “Our iterative design and testing cycle was a hallmark to our experience approach,” Schwarz says. “This testing informed tons of decisions around game timing, effort, visuals, and how the instructor could facilitate a successful experience that feels natural to them and their audience.”

In developing these games, HUSH found both a project and brand partner ideal for showcasing their approach to creating brand experiences. “‘The Pursuit by Equinox’ demonstrates our ability to understand group behavior in relationship to physical space and digital interfaces,” Schwarz adds. “Working along this kind of spectrum for experience design allows HUSH to tackle much larger and complex user experience design challenges – at the intersection of human behavior, space and technology.”




Client: Equinox
Experience Design Agency: HUSH
David Schwarz , Partner
Erik Karasyk, Partner
Dan Rodriguez, Director of Engagement
Katie Hepp, Director of Production
Paige Kenmore, Producer
Jodi Terwilliger, Creative Director
Adam Kruckenberg, Systems Designer
Ivan Safrin, Creative Technologist
Yingyi Wang, Developer

About HUSH:

HUSH is a concept-driven design firm. We integrate digital technology and physical environments to create powerful brand experiences for our client’s customers, employees and partners.

About Equinox:

Equinox operates 86 upscale, full-service clubs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston and Washington, DC, as well as international locations in London, Toronto and Vancouver. The company offers an integrated selection of Equinox-branded programs, services and products, including strength and cardio training, studio classes, personal training, spa services and products, apparel and food/juice bars. Launching in 2019, Equinox Hotels will cater exclusively to the high performance traveler to serve as the ultimate hotel destination with a 360-degree lifestyle experience. In its 25-year history, Equinox has consistently offered bespoke experiences and unparalleled services to consumers, developing a lifestyle brand that represents service, value, quality, expertise, innovation, attention to detail, market leadership and results.


HUSH Connects Emotion to Geography with Creation of 3D Printable Puzzle, ‘TopoTopo™’

Experience design agency HUSH embraces the new year with an immersive, inventive, sharable – and 3D printable – puzzle that unlocks the user’s imagination and creativity while highlighting how specific places can inspire and touch our emotional core.


Dubbed “TopoTopo™,” the free platform honors the geography and topography of Earth’s vast terrain, inviting users to make it their own digital canvas to develop and, in the process, connect memories to locations. “Places have meaning,” states HUSH Founding Partner/Creative Leader David Schwarz. “Geography and topography are often the backgrounds to our experiences. They are the setting in our own life stories. The physicality of a place represents the scene and all of our experience play out against that scenography.”

Connecting the complex world of open source data, modern fabrication techniques and customization capabilities afforded by digital platforms, TopoTopo™ features unlimited complexity of terrain and a rapid production pipeline. Simply type in the name of any location on Earth and the interface will create a 3D visualization that can then be tweaked and explored via the web-based interface. Then, after selecting puzzle preferences, users can have their location 3D-printed in countless materials and mailed anywhere, delivering a unique, customized 5” momento.

Puzzles possess a universal appeal that HUSH was eager to tap into for the project. “Traditional puzzles range in complexity,” Schwarz explains. “Appealing to all ages, puzzles can take on diverse forms, are typically low cost and easily portable. Yet, even with the amazing longevity of the puzzle, few have taken advantage of the modern digital toolset or customization through real-time, cloud-based information.”

Using geographic, open source data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, HUSH parsed the data with the aid of the Google Maps API to make it easy for users to find virtually any location on Earth. Regarding the use of open source data and its advantages, Schwarz says, “Open source projects mean that people can explore and create things that we can’t yet foresee. Thousands of places on Earth await to be discovered as the world participates in TopoTopo™ to capture places that mean something special to them.”

While displaying a slick interface with dynamic motion-based on complex data sets, TopoTopo™ also represents a particularly meaningful expression of HUSH’s design culture and way of seeing the world. “How can we capture the experience of a place and preserve it? How can we access a memory of a place?,” Schwarz asks. “A digital-physical puzzle seemed to be a good challenge to take on these questions, while also leveraging our passion for data, design and physical building.”



About HUSH

HUSH is a concept-driven design firm that integrates digital technology and physical environments to help clients deliver powerful brand experiences to their customers, employees and partners.

Denizen Draws Viewers into Mind-Bending Multiverse of Marvel Studios’ ‘Doctor Strange’ with Global Google Tilt Brush Mixed Reality Experience

The dimensions of Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange come to life courtesy of a globe-trotting 360 Google Tilt Brush experience from creative agency Denizen, which continues its successful relationship with Marvel Studios by producing the “Change Your Reality” campaign for its latest superhero blockbuster.

Denizen enlisted the services of three cutting edge Google Tilt Brush artists — Stuart Campbell, Steve Teeple and Danny Bittman – to take part in global VR painting experiments spanning New York City, London and Hong Kong; cities that are essential to the film’s storyline.

To mirror the otherworldly imagery of Doctor Strange, Denizen and the artists crafted their VR environments primarily using 3D painting tool Tilt Brush, resulting in a diverse series of mesmerizing, virtual 50 sq ft realms. “We wanted to promote the jaw-dropping visuals of Doctor Strange in a way that reinforced the spectacular quality of the film,” says fellow Denizen Co-Founder Joe Matsushima. “We found that Tilt Brush in VR empowered each artist to create their own interpretation of each dimension by hand, versus a purely visual effects creation. Any person who puts on the VR headset can experience the immersive world of Strange themselves as seen through the eyes of these unique artists.”

The final “Change Your Reality” on-site experience was an outdoor “mixed reality” production, shot over two months in video and VR from sidewalks to rooftops across each of the cities. Passersby were invited to strap on a headset and explore the world of Doctor Strange for themselves. Beginning in a VR Sanctum Sanctorum, participants were given the freedom to travel between the different dimensions in their designated locales around the world. “We wanted everyday people to try it themselves and then film their authentic reactions as they walk through the virtual world,” adds Matsushima. “We wanted to convey the vast scope and awe-inspiring beauty of the dimensions within Doctor Strange while connecting to the theme that these dimensions are within our own reality.”

Despite facing the challenge of filming mixed reality in an unpredictable, live setting, Denizen was able to push the technical limitations of its hardware and software and ultimately pull off an experience that was elaborate yet inviting to wide-eyed onlookers. “Mixed reality has been filmed in the past, but our team was challenged to solve many of the problems that occur when using VR, which include issues like: virtual tracking, stabilization, and isolating objects from the foreground and background,” Matsushima illustrates. “We spent a lot of time with our production team problem solving how to create a highly technical live event while giving our team the ability to film the process with multiple cameras including a synced virtual camera. It’s a careful balancing act of creating an enjoyable live event and professional video shoot, but we feel like we accomplished both in all three cities.”

Doctor Strange is in theaters in RealD 3D November 4.




Production Company: Denizen Company
Director: Denizen Company
Director of Photography: Alex Pollini
Agency Producer: Michele Santoro
Developer: AfterNow
Technical Director: Jesse Vander Does

Visual Effects: Massive State Digital
Visual Effects Supervisor: Christian Cardona
On-set Visual Effects Supervisor: Carl Stern
Comp Supervisor: Buddy Gheen

Editor: Sam Cahill
Color: Harry Hunter
Art Director: Lauren Burge

New York Producer: Halavah Sofsky
Production Coordinator: Kristen Buckels
New York Artist: Danny Bittman

London Producer: Jon Stopp
Production Manager: Daniel Wheldon
London Artist: Steve Teeple

Hong Kong Producer: Kathy Wong
Production Manager: Tsz Lan
Hong Kong Artist: Sutu

About Denizen:

Denizen Company wins audiences for brands by creating and distributing headline-grabbing, internet-breaking, award-winning content. We’re not an agency, we are a mission to make the internet better for brands and users alike. We’re all denizens of the web. It’s our job to make it as awesome as possible to be here.

Flowstate Writing App

TRUST created a PR strategy designed to launch the Flowstate writing application across a broad range of publications and tastemakers with the goal of reaching not only tech enthusiasts, but influencers in business and the arts.

What? Calendar Watch

TRUST created a PR strategy for What? Watches designed to promote a Kickstarter effort for Calendar Watch and the product itself across a range of publications and tastemakers.