LOBO Expands Live-Action Division Inking Strategic Partnership With Comedic Powerhouse Surreal Hotel Arts 

Multifaceted creative production studio LOBO are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Surreal Hotel Arts to further enhance their new live-action division and expand their roster of directors.

News of the collaboration comes just weeks after LOBO announced their all-new live-action division. LOBO are no strangers to the discipline, as even their widely-known animation-led projects often feature a sprinkle of live-action elements. The introduction of a dedicated department, however, gives LOBO the opportunity to solve their clients’ problems under one roof.

Founded in São Paulo in 2021, Surreal Hotel Arts is an audiovisual production company operating globally, specializing in advertising, branded content, and entertainment, with an impressive roster of A-list clients, including Apple, PepsiCo, Ambev, Google, Netflix and GM. The distinctive name ‘Surreal Hotel Arts’ is the embodiment of an ethereal realm at the center of ‘encounters, events, stories, and secrets’ where creativity and innovation can flourish.

LOBO representing Surreal Hotel Arts in the US is a significant milestone for both companies and underscores their shared commitment to delivering exceptional content and innovative storytelling to clients worldwide.

LOBO Managing Partner, Luis Ribeiro. says, “I’ve long been a fan of both Surreal Hotel Arts and their founder, Carlao Busato. They have such innovative practices and principles. At LOBO, we’re constantly seeking ways to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, so our partnership with Surreal represents an exciting opportunity to tap into their talent pool and expertise in live-action production. All of this serves to further strengthen our position as a leading creative studio in the industry.”

As part of their new partnership, LOBO will welcome four Surreal Hotel Arts directors to their live-action division: Oriol Barbera, Lu Villaça, Michael Zvegintsev, and Carlao Busato, one of the most awarded directors in Brazil. Known for their comedic prowess and experience shooting campaigns in the United States and beyond, all four will bring fresh perspectives and new creative energy to LOBO’s already diverse team.

Busato, founding partner at Surreal Hotel Arts, adds, “We’re always looking to create spaces where creativity and innovation can thrive. Our alliance with LOBO is an exciting fusion of talent that will propel us both forward and help us make even bigger waves in the global market.”

The collaboration has already achieved memorable results, notably with the recent Block Jams ad for Tillamook, the dairy co-op founded in 1909. Barcelona native Oriol Barbera directed this Super Bowl campaign with a nostalgic and irreverent tone, featuring three TikTok creators, each with their own catchy soundbites across electronica, R&B, and hip-hop. The live-action spot was just one of several spots for Block Jams.

It’s an exciting time for the U.S./South American companies who look to share their talent and expertise and spread their reach further than ever before.

For more information on LOBO and its partnership with Surreal Hotel Arts, visit lobo.cx.

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About LOBO:

More than a creative production, design, animation, and mixed media studio, LOBO is comprised of storytellers, dreamers, and visionaries on a mission to ignite curiosity through captivating narratives that transcend mediums and captivate audiences worldwide.

Based in New York and São Paulo, LOBO is where art, craftsmanship, and technology converge. Their diverse team of directors, artists, and designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of the moving image, crafting immersive films and experiences that leave a lasting impact.

LOBO earned their Minority-Owned Business Enterprise certification via NYC Small Business Services, qualifying the company to work with clients seeking to collaborate specifically with minority-owned businesses.

About Surreal Hotel Arts:

Surreal Hotel Arts is a Brazilian audiovisual production company, based in São Paulo and New York, which operates in the national and international market in the areas of advertising, entertainment and branded content. Launched in 2021, it aims to create stories through creative production with the purpose of encouraging, with relation to respect and an affirmative look, and providing customized solutions for each project to attend the brands, creating and respecting the different brands, platforms and other market agents.

A signatory of the UN Global Compact, Surreal is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda formed by companies and organizations that chose to advance through a more sustainable and long-lasting model. One of their initiatives includes the Responsible Set, which tackles waste management and CO2 offset resulting in the planting of 474 tree seedlings in the Amazon region.