The Considered Solidifies Creative Team With Addition of Mauro Arruda and Diego Freitas as Global Creative Partners

Pioneering healthcare marketing agency The Considered continues to show it’s a force for good in its industry, from both a business and creative standpoint, by welcoming Mauro Arruda and Diego Freitas as Global Creative Partners.

The duo making up The Joint Adventure have earned industry-wide acclaim and numerous awards—from Gold and Silver Cannes Lions to Art Directors Club and Clios—for their art direction and copywriting bonafides, respectively. “I am delighted to welcome Mauro & Diego to the creative team. They are both that rare combination of brilliant and modest, a perfect fit for our culture at The Considered,” says the agency’s Creative Leader Emily “KK” Knight-Kristoffersen. In effect, the pair has changed the way creativity in healthcare marketing is presented, from their Cannes-winning “Parkinsounds” app for Teva to improve walkability for those suffering from Parkinsons to work for the likes of top-tier brands including Sanofi, Pfizer, Durex, AstraZeneca and Diageo. “Mauro and Diego have consistently set the benchmark for the industry,” says The Considered Founder David Hunt. “Their innovation ‘Parkinsounds’ completely changed pharma and what was considered possible.”

For Freitas, who has worked at top agencies around the world and garnered one of the top three art directors nods in Portugal for his efforts, healthcare and creativity are not mutually exclusive. “Creativity is already deeply rooted in healthcare,” he says. “Think about the inventiveness behind each healthcare professional saving lives in remote areas. Consider the ingenuity behind all vaccines developed over the last century. What’s missing is better communication, a clearer connection between science and people. And we’re here to do better.”

Healthcare might’ve been an overlooked facet of the creative arts, especially in awards consideration, but for Freitas, it’s why The Considered and David Hunt have shown they are a game-changer. “Back when healthcare wasn’t popular amongst our creative peers and the creative industry, we won the first Gold Lion in Pharma and Entertainment, two completely opposite sides of Cannes,” he recalls. “David invited me to visit him in Manchester, drink and eat with the local creative community, check their ideas, and share mine. Sometimes the best thing you can do is bring people closer together, and David is a master at it.”

Meanwhile, Arruda, who started FCB Health’s very first health shop in Latin America, explains why he’s excited about The Considered and what he and Freitas plan to do. “[We’re] interacting horizontally with the different teams and helping KK to foster the agency’s creative culture. We bring along years of experience with healthcare and consumer clients, big and small, in different contexts. This seems like a perfect fit for a fast-paced, digital-minded young agency, a true health boutique with some of the highest creative standards I’ve ever seen.”

Explaining their creative partnership, which dates back decades, Freitas states, “Mauro is a terrific copywriter/storyteller, and I’ll always be an art director at heart. We had the chance to dive into the nuances of our industry together, working in different areas of advertising. I’m lucky to have a partner that sees creativity beyond regulations and departments. That’s the trick.”

As for his relationship with Hunt, Arruda stirs up a whimsical tale, saying, “Dave and I go way back. He is a force of nature, a natural leader, and a serial entrepreneur. We sang and danced on stage at a global pitch in Paris (which we won!)—it doesn’t get much more intimate than that.”

For Hunt, the new hirings continue to symbolize the mission of The Considered and reflect its growth amidst an ever-shifting, sometimes turbulent industry. “As an independent, my only responsibility is to my clients [and] my team. Whilst there are cuts across the industry, these appointments show our commitment to over-staff with experience [and] expertise.”

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