The Considered Ramps Up Management Structure With String of Creative VP Hires Spanning Medical to Design

Pioneering healthcare marketing agency The Considered continues to solidify its status as not only a maverick but a powerhouse within its industry by welcoming three new VPs to the fold.

Not coincidentally, each new hire has a deep connection to The Considered leadership starting with Chelsea McCloskey-Lambert, who joins as VP Medical Director and previously worked with the agency’s Founder/CEO David Hunt for five years at Havas Lynx. According to McCloskey-Lambert, it was these formative years spent at the latter agency that helped shape the trajectory of her career and the insights she gained will prove valuable in her new role. “It was there that I learnt the value of coupling robust science with outstanding strategy, creativity and digital, to build campaigns that made a genuine and lasting impact,” she says. “I’m excited to bring this approach to The Considered and take it further; to champion the medicine and science, whilst working closely with our strategic, creative and digital experts, as we continue to revolutionize healthcare marketing.”

It was, in fact, the agency’s groundbreaking approach, model and, of course, team, that attracted her to the VP Medical Director role. “The Considered is committed to moving the needle in healthcare marketing by pushing boundaries wherever possible to engage and activate our audiences,” she notes. “The creativity and drive of the entire team is special. Everyone is passionate about doing great work and an expert in their field. It’s this brilliance that allows The Considered to bring unique solutions to the table for every challenge, and to have a laugh while doing it. I’m looking forward to being a part of this dynamic team, and to positively impacting the lives of people around the world with the work we do.” In regards to the addition of McCloskey-Lambert, David Hunt says, “I’ve met many incredible, smart, diligent Medical Directors in pharma. I’ve met far fewer that can transform and elevate the work of a creative agency. It is a rare breed, indeed. And in Chelsea, we have the best-of-the-best.”

Along with McCloskey-Lambert, The Considered has brought on Vini Watson as VP Studio Director. Formerly the Global Innovation Director of Envision Pharma Group, Watson’s connection to The Considered is a 20-year-plus friendship with the agency’s COO/CFO Paul Moorcroft. Speaking about his new role, Watson says in essence that it was too good to pass up. “It’s not everyday that an opportunity like this comes along to be a pivotal part of an agency like The Considered, who are at the leading edge of creativity within the healthcare sector. I’m excited to continue driving the creative forwards with a talented, experienced ‘A team’ of experts.” The Considered CEO Hunt lavishes praise upon Watson, describing him as “A machine, a beast,” adding, “all great agencies have that leader that defies the rules of nature in their quality, accuracy and productivity. Vini renders me speechless time after time, and we are blessed to have him on board.”

Joining Watson and McCloskey-Lambert in The Considered VP suite is Nick Greenwood, who takes on the role of VP Design Director and previously worked with Hunt for 10 years at Havas Lynx, where he served as Creative Director. Discussing his thoughts on the evolution of design, what it means to him, and what his new role entails, Greenwood says, “I’m not sure design has evolved too much in itself as a human practice. I think it’s more about the evolution of tools and technology which are constantly changing the world to make things easier and accessible. Design to me has always been about the application of principles and appropriateness to context in the visual communication we produce. Nowadays, as Design Director, it’s about setting the standards high by recognizing and showcasing what great design is.” Regarding his longtime colleague, Hunt adds, “We are constantly hearing what we can’t do in pharma. But exceptional design, we certainly can. I have always loved graphic design and our ambition at The Considered is to be the very best in the industry, no excuses. Not only is Nick a great creative, he is simply flawless as a Designer.”

The string of new VP hires at The Considered comes on the heels of several award wins for the agency. This includes taking Digital, Gold at PM360 Magazine’s Pharma Choice Awards and both Best Use of Immersive Technology and Best Sales Tool at the MM&M Awards for its Novartis innovations, as well as winning Best HCP Copywriting at The Creative Floor Awards for AstraZeneca.

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