Farmers Hen House and Bader Rutter Celebrate Natural Eggs With New Brand Identity

 Change highlight market expansion of popular product to every grocery store shelf 

CHICAGO – Farmers Hen House, a premium egg company based in Kalona, Iowa, came to Bader Rutter looking to refresh its brand experience among consumers as it prepared to expand into conventional grocery stores across the country.

“We spent a lot of time over the last year connecting with consumers to gain a better understanding of what they are looking for in premium eggs, and proper animal care topped the list,” said Nick Praznowski, director of industry analysis at Bader Rutter. “It’s no secret that consumers care deeply about where their eggs come from, how they’re sourced, and ultimately, how those hens are treated. The Amish and Mennonite egg producers aligned with Farmers Hen House to make sure their hens are given room to roam, raised with the highest standards and fed with nearby grain. Our redesign prioritizes those facts in a way that resonates with consumers.”

As one of the nation’s finest Free-Range, Organic Free-Range and Pasture-Raised Organic egg brands, Farmers Hen House’s new packaging design began appearing on grocery store shelves starting in October.

Click here to view the new designs of Farmers Hen House.

“As we explored the brand opportunities, there was such a strong commitment to sustainability at every turn that we needed to recognize,” said Ryan Miller, Farmers Hen House CEO “From how we use solar power in our processing facility to implementing regenerative grain cycles, Farmers Hen House backs up what we say with a clear understanding of the responsibility to our hens and the environment. We explored the ties to this amazing legacy and explored the beautiful environment of the Midwest countryside. Ultimately, the final brand direction celebrates the holistic experience of Farmers Hen House. We tout how these eggs have been tended to at every step and that’s what is reflected to consumers at grocery stores across America.”

“The design exploration was about putting their differentiators forward,” said Ned Brown, chief creative officer at Bader Rutter. “To stand out on the shelf, the new identity brand needed to illustrate the incredible and meaningful care that goes into how their hens are treated. We’ve now intentionally put that forward to make it instantly recognizable.”

Farmers Hen House eggs, in their new vibrant packaging, are available at all Publix locations, via Instacart in select locations and will be available at a grocery store near you soon.

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