Identity Director Sophie Caretta Encapsulates the Emotional Life Experiences, Memorable Moments and Wonders of Traveling in New Spot for NetJets

In a campaign that continues to reflect its keen eye for visually sophisticated storytelling, New York production company Identity, along with director Sophie Caretta, have unveiled a soaring, alluring spot for private airline company NetJets that captures some of life’s most memorable moments.

From a child’s first airplane trip to a wedding proposal to a graduation celebration, the :60 spot seamlessly and emotionally connects some of our most important events to the NetJets flying experience. “I was compelled to showcase this journey through the real-life experiences and  emotions of travelers,” Caretta says. “Recognizing the substantial freedom this service extended to travelers, I  believed it deserved exploration among a more diverse audience, extending  beyond just the business community. Imagination and creativity play an essential role in effectively communicating  ideas, especially when presenting something as personal and experiential as  travel. My goal was to unveil the art of private travel where the world becomes your  own and the sky’s the limit.”

According to Caretta, the concept of the spot was aimed at seizing genuine moments of life, providing a universal connection that resonates with everyone. This was accomplished by conveying emotions authentically in a warm and tailored setting for every situation and private memorable experiences. “[It was] crucial to create this resonance of life situations with the viewer,” she explains  “As viewers traverse scenes of birthday celebrations, shared moments, marriage  proposals, and academic achievements, the goal is to deeply immerse  themselves in the kaleidoscope of emotions — from profound joy to shared  discoveries, freedom, and serene tranquility.”

The Identity director notes that the creative process to bring the “If Only” campaign to life was highly collaborative, particularly with NetJets’ in-house creative department. “It’s always a collaborative work where I propose ideas that bounce back with input from all collaborators and stakeholders,” says Caretta. “NetJets’ creative team was very open and collaborative in exploring new ideas and perspectives for new audiences.”

Caretta reveals her key “challenge was to remain grounded in realism while infusing subtle poetic  and human touches into the narrative,” she adds.  “Striking a balance between reality and emotion, the jet plane held a moment so  vivid, it etched a simple yet profound memory in the soul.”

The NetJets spot continues a long line of enthralling, emotionally compelling projects that Caretta’s been involved with over the years, including helming high-profile commercial work for notable brands like Avon, Patagonia, Downy and Tiffany. Regarding her creative process, the director explains, “The unifying element in each of [these projects] invariably centers around poignant, emotional moments. My overarching objective is not merely to satisfy a client, but to consistently surpass their expectations, aiming to create a remarkable and enduring  impression that goes beyond momentary happiness.”

In essence, it’s rather fitting that Caretta continues her directing development and evolution by putting her own unique imprint on Identity’s debut spot for NetJets. As to why Caretta was the ideal fit to direct this campaign and what she brings to the Identity roster, the production company’s Executive Producer Molly Mitchell adds, “Sophie possesses the ability to straddle luxury and emotion so well, it’s exactly what makes this campaign so beautiful. We find these tender moments in the most exclusive settings – you really see her craft shine in this light. It’s this distinctive blend that defines her visionary approach, making her creative perspective truly extraordinary.



Production Company: IDENTITY
Director: Sophie Caretta
Executive Producer: Molly Mitchell
Producer: Galen London
Production Supervisor: Nicole Crespo
Cinematographer: Philippe Le Sourd
Production Designer: Tom Foden 
1st AD: Yvonne Wang
2nd AD: Atena Assaiee
1st AC: Bradley A. Rochlitzer

Editor: Theo Le Sourd
Assistant Editor: Julie Walsh
Color: Harbor Picture Company
VFX: The Post Crew, Stephanie Norris, EP
VFX Artist: Delaney Porter
Music: MAS
Sound Design & Mix: Concret Form, Raphaël Ajuelosr

Client: NetJets
CMO: Kelly Macaulay
Creative Director: Jennifer Meredith
Director, Project Management-Marketing: Steffanie Myers
Copy Director: Stef Jones
Associate Creative Director: Nick Smith

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Facebook /IdentityIDMedia
Instagram /identityid

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