Ataboy Studios Expands to Boston, MA

Following a banner year with the debut of the A Portrait Of An Athlete series starring Olympic athlete Natoya Goule and NYC-based celebrity graffiti artist Sen2, design-led content creation studio Ataboy is set to continue its growth trajectory with a strategic expansion to Boston, Massachusetts.

Solidifying its presence in the new city through National Boston, Ataboy will bring a wealth of top directors and creative talent to the bustling area. The new venture will be spearheaded by Executive Producers Ned Biddle and Nick Sterling, who both boast long- standing relationships in the region. The two weighed in on the new relationship citing; “Boston has always been known for its close-knit community of creatives characterized by great regional brands and a communal working ethos.” With the establishment of a physical presence and the leadership of Ned and Nick, Ataboy is poised to build consistent relationships and address the unique needs of local businesses and agencies. The expansion also positions Ataboy to contribute to the region’s talent pool, potentially collaborating locally, while tapping into the talent hub in NYC.

Ataboy, renowned for its unique vision and craftful approach to storytelling and content creation, has long curated a diverse network of talent. Their immersive visual spectacle, storytelling mastery and more recently tabletop prowess of their multidisciplinary roster guarantees unmatched versatility for any project. Over the years, the studio has worked on artful campaigns for the likes of Adidas, Coke, White Castle, Progressive, IKEA, and GE to name a few. This expansion aligns perfectly with Ataboy’s goal of being more than just a production company; it solidifies its role as an inclusive content partner capable of hyper local production in various markets. With Ataboy’s NYC studio specializing in design, animation, visual effects, edit and color, and their Brooklyn studio focusing on table top production, Ataboy can offer all encompassing, world-class solutions.

Ataboy Founder and Executive Creative Director Vikkal Parikh exuded his enthusiasm on the expansion noting, “This move to Boston makes so much sense on multiple levels. There has always been a creative synergy between Boston and NYC, and it feels like a natural fit for us. We’ve already collaborated on several successful campaigns with director Corydon Wagner, so this expansion is truly the continuation of an excellent and prosperous relationship.”


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With strong emphasis on visual storytelling, Ataboy crafts rich experiences combining animation, live action, and motion design. By fostering great ideas into impactful pieces of bite-sized content, we are committed to creating captivating narratives that engage and entertain our audiences.