Supervillain and Even/Odd Revitalize “Protect This House” Campaign for Under Armour With Superstar NFL Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson and Producer London On Da Track

Celebrating 20 years of an iconic campaign for sportswear brand Under Armour, agency Supervillain and hybrid production studio Even/Odd have joined forces to create a thrilling new “Protect This House” spot starring Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson and award-winning record producer London on da Track.

Arguably the best player in his position in the NFL today, Jefferson is joined by his own 7-on-7 football team Nola Hotboy$ and producer London On Da Track for an invigorating in-studio and on-the-field-shot spot that brings hyper-resonance to what “Protect This House” stands for. “This project was about passing the torch of Protect This House to its new generation of keepers and no one represents that better than Justin Jefferson, says Even/Odd Founder/Director Mohammad Gorjestani. “JJ is going to go down as one of the GOATs of the game, but to me how he represents where he is from is what makes him special. All of the ideas that became scenes and visuals were rooted in your community being the ‘House’ you represent and protect.”

Supervillain Founder/CEO Nam Nguyen believes that the cast of Jefferson and the NOLA Hotboy$ along with London on Da Track was an ideal fit for this latest, electric version of “Protect This House,” which began formulating in April 2023 and shot in the summer. “We always knew Justin was going to be the voice of our new chant and sound and we really wanted his NOLA Hotboy$ to be the ‘response’ to his ‘call.’ The big variable we had to bring into the fold was our music Artist/Producer to create a hit that football players could imagine themselves storming the field to. The clear choice to us was London On Da Track. He’s already one of the industry’s most legendary producers, has a deep connection to the South and not only knows the sound of New Orleans, but the spirit of football.”

Featuring Jefferson in both fine music and football form along with his cohorts, the latest installment of the “Protect This House” campaign provides a showcase for the pro athlete’s hometown and is a reflection of his dynamic personality. According to Gorjestani, the campaign’s narrative recalls his own background in sports. “In terms of the specific scene ideas and our narrative, I tapped back into my own time as a varsity athlete, got in touch with old friends who played football because I wanted to revisit the original ‘Protect This House’ era and what things were like 20 years ago, and then contrasted that by tapping in with the current generation of varsity players and coaches,” he explains.. “I made notes on what’s stayed the same and what has changed and then thought about how to visually and narratively represent that by remixing past with present and future, ultimately trying to generate a new reference point that became ‘Protect This House: The Next Chapter.’”

The latest “Protect This House” campaign for Under Armour not only marks a project with multiple renowned figures in sports and music, but the first collaboration between Supervillain and Even/Odd. According to the former’s Nguyen, it was years in the making. “I first met Mohammad right before COVID and was waiting for the right project for us to partner on and there couldn’t have been a better one than this. What made it different from previous collaborations was the trust I had in Mohammad to bring him right at the top of the creative process. I knew based on the couple times we met and his and Even/Odd’s body of work, that not only would they be great to work with, but that we share a vision of creating meaningful and impactful work that pushes the world forward through our craft and companies. This was a ‘one team’ approach from our clients, talent, and Even/Odd and I think you can really see that energy in the campaign.”

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