The Considered Names Paul Moorcroft Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Administrative systems may not be an exciting topic of discussion for most, but for Paul Moorcroft, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of healthcare marketing agency The Considered, the right systems are essential. “I get very nerdy about all the systems stuff,” he admits.

The right systems put in place benefit not only the employees who use them but ultimately clients, who benefit from the cost-savings they provide, he says. “The way the world is, there’s a system for everything. And all of those systems are linked together,” says Moorcroft. “So why not choose the best system and have a cost per user that is way lower than at a large company to not only reduce admin time but pass more value to the clients.” The less time spent on administrative duties, he adds, the more time employees have to spend on client business. 

Moorcroft, who previously worked with The Considered’s CEO David Hunt at Havas Health & You, says he was excited about the prospect of working with Hunt again at a smaller, independent agency. “I liked his vision, to be very innovative while also being very cost-efficient,” says Moorcroft. 

David Hunt feels that he has found the right man to help navigate the growth of his new agency, “I’m excited about working with Paul again, when at Havas, he was able to always find a solution to a problem and did not mind getting involved in areas outside of his comfort zone. As a startup, we need someone with his level of experience in both finance and operations to ensure we are bringing the best work and best value possible to our clients.”

The agency’s virtual offices were particularly attractive to Moorcroft, as the model allows savings in overhead costs to be passed down to clients. “We’re able to bring the best talent from around the world. Because we don’t have a brick and mortar infrastructure and because of the way that we’re building our systems and operations, we are passing the value on to the employees and our clients,” he says.

The Considered currently has an employee base of about 50 people and a client list that has grown to 6, thanks to the recent wins with Closed Loop Medicine & X-Biomedical. While the agency is very much a start-up, Moorcroft says he keeps his eye on future growth. “I want to make sure that we run efficiently as we scale,” he says. For employees, that means establishing systems that allow them to spend minimal time doing administrative tasks. “We want to automate as much as possible,” he says. And in terms of clients, he says, “I want to be able to say we can offer amazing innovation at a reasonable price because of the model that we built.”

In addition to Havas, Moorcroft, who has a master’s degree in Professional Accountancy from the University of London, has worked at a number of agencies, including Barbarian, where he was CFO, and Brandkarma, where he was CFO/COO. His career in advertising began when he was working in London as an auditor at an accounting company and responded to a newspaper ad to work for an advertising agency. “I fell into advertising, but the camaraderie and teamwork that goes along with the industry has kept me in it for 23 years,” he says.  

In recent years, he says, the job of CFO has morphed to include more operational duties. “A CFO is expected to be a strategic partner, rather than someone that crunches numbers,” he says. “What’s really exciting to me is the fact that I can get involved in the operational side to make sure that we’re running as efficiently as possible. I love trying to solve as many problems as I can, and just making life as easy as possible for both our employees and clients.”

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