HUSH Promotes Executive Producer Kristen DiCamillo to Partner

Following the additions of Michael Burkin as Director of Growth and Karl Stewart as Talent and People Manager, experience design firm HUSH marks an exciting milestone with the promotion of Executive Producer Kristen DiCamillo to Partner — joining Founding Partners David Schwarz and Erik Karasyk. As the first new partner since the launch of the company nearly fifteen years ago, DiCamillo will serve as the Managing Partner, overseeing and optimizing the company’s success through its processes, operations, and finances. Her promotion not only reflects HUSH’s future-facing goals but the growing impact of the firm in a quickly evolving design industry.

Formerly an Executive Producer at digital agency B-Reel, DiCamillo led the agency’s production teams to create the globe-spanning, UGC-focused MTV Bump platform. Prior to that, she served as a Senior Digital Producer at Tool, where she produced the multi-award-winning “Clouds Over Cuba” campaign, and at other agency standouts including BBH, Sid Lee, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Ogilvy Paris.

DiCamillo joined HUSH in 2017 as Executive Producer and has been integral in evolving the firm’s processes as well as evaluating and demonstrating the value of their experiences to their high-profile clients. During her tenure as Executive Producer, she has engaged with virtually every project and client and at the firm. Of particular note, she spearheaded the development and deployment of multiple, global Partner Center experiences for Facebook. This work involved multi-product strategic storytelling, physical design and technology integration, global scale rollouts, and support approaches that helped to refine HUSH’s approach and processes. She also played critical roles in delivering the sustainability-focused experience design concept for United Therapeutics’ headquarters, and was essential to the success of the experience design and digital storytelling for Uber’s soon-to-be unveiled Mission Bay global headquarters in San Francisco.

“Over the years, I have been focused on project roadmapping, team building, strategic partner collaboration, delivery, and maintenance practices that ultimately make our projects more successful, profitable, and lead to continued client trust and engagement,” DiCamillo states. “Now, as Managing Partner, I’m looking forward to finding the balance between running a healthy business and giving the team runway to find new ways of approaching project programs. For me, it’s all about delivering best-in-class strategic, creative, and technological output, created by a team of people who can see and feel the impact of their efforts on projects and the business as a whole.”

DiCamillo’s promotion also strengthens HUSH’s organizational structure, setting up her fellow team members for success and galvanizing leadership across the organization. She will continue to play a role in guiding production to lead projects anchored by the vision and goals of the studio, working closely with Tonian Irving who is being promoted from Senior Producer to Executive Producer.

With this leadership change, HUSH recommits itself to fostering a vitally diverse set of perspectives to help guide the firm’s next evolution. “There’s a shared responsibility in making sure that we’re living our values in the work we do. I want to continue to drive the company to put more women in leadership and creative roles and to empower the women within our organization to expect the same respect and to be heard at the same level as the strongest male voice in the room,” DiCamillo continues.

HUSH Founding Partner David Schwarz shares her enthusiasm, adding, “Kristen’s partnership has been something we’ve wanted to make happen for a long time. In virtually every aspect of her time with us, she kept her focus on the company’s success — and making it a byproduct of the success of our people, our clients, our work, and overall culture. She’s also shown incredible dedication through some major milestones in her own life as well as amidst the acute health, wellness, political and cultural challenges in our society at large. Our ultimate goal is that other incredibly talented employees who share similar tenacity and vision will be able to achieve their next level at the firm and can contribute to our collective success.”


About HUSH:

HUSH is an experience design firm.

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We leverage creative technology to help our clients communicate their mission, stories, products and services. What we design is both beautiful and functional, and has an impact on the spaces people work, invest, explore and learn.