LANDIA Signs Lauded, Fashion-Forward Directing Duo Supernova for U.S. Representation

Multi-award-winning global production house LANDIA continues to strengthen its vast roster of compelling storytellers by signing on directing duo Supernova for U.S. commercial representation.

With an extensive background in photography and digital content, Supernova masterminds Matias G. Petric and Ignacio Ricci have seamlessly melded and honed their respective crafts to reveal a style and approach that’s directly informed by the fashion world. “Fashion is an industry that has allowed us to experiment and find our own way–bold, honest, and surreal,” the duo says. “We created our own language based on the understanding that even when we were working for a brand and achieving commercial results, everything we did had our personal imprint.”

Supernova’s pure, yet dreamlike vision has come to fruition on high-profile brand campaigns including Converse’s “Start from the Bottom” – for which they executed all the content from photography to film – as well as the youthful, sonically-driven “Sound of Your Soul” for Levi’s, and a new spot for L’Oreal Paris. According to Petric and Ricci, these career directing highlights have given them valuable opportunities to flex both their creativity and ingenuity. “We love working on projects that artistically challenge us, on opportunities to tell a story, and on projects that allow us–through images, editing and sound–to produce sensations in the audience. We like the sensory effect that we can attain through a film.”

Now as part of LANDIA’s  multi-talented roster, Supernova has arrived at a company that provides ample room to further establish its presence in the U.S. and beyond. “LANDIA is a space that empowers everything it touches. It is a production company with years of experience nurturing the inventiveness of great directors and preparing them in their careers. Since we were students, we saw ourselves enraptured by all the innovation the company developed. So when the team came to us with a work offer, we did not hesitate. It’s a company whose daily work and inspiration we do admire.”

Along with delving into commercial work for LANDIA, Supernova is also fulfilling its ambition to travel beyond the advertising realm and into longform. As lifetime cinemagoers who are inspired by revered filmmakers ranging from Kubrick, Coppola and Scorcese to modern auteurs like Paul Thomas Anderson and Christopher Nolan, the directing duo is now also hard at work writing a feature film. “We know we are destined to start creating our own content,” Supernova says. “Along with our passion for making commercials, we want to start having a life of our own as directors, and find our way to tell what is in our minds, including those surreal worlds.”

Regardless of medium, however, the duo comprising Supernova considers itself one symbiotic creative entity, which shares equal creative input and was actually born out of sheer fate. “Life brought us together at the moment we were each trying to bring something into form, and in the middle of that search, the universe placed us on the same road in a quite magical way. As soon as we met, we started working together. Everything went on so smoothly and perfectly we knew right away the partnership would last in time.”



LANDIA is a production company with storytelling at the core of all they do. They create digital, branded, interactive and video content for multiple platforms, with the goal of pushing boundaries and pursuing curiosity. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, they have additional offices is Los Angeles, São Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona and Mexico.