LOGAN Partners with Footlocker and Nike to Launch Animated #DiscoverYourAir Campaign

LOGAN has partnered with Nike, Foot Locker and some of music’s top social media influencers to create a boundary-pushing #DiscoverYourAir animated viral marketing campaign that has quickly earned more than a million views on Instagram.

LOGAN, teaming with Laundry Service-Cycle Collective, collaborated with pop singer Lolo Zouaï, and rappers Father and Santan Dave to express each of the artists’ complex identities as eye-popping animations featuring Nike’s new Air Max Plus 3 shoe. Their individual stories range from a trippy journey through the many sides of Father’s golden brain to Zouaï’s multi-continental background and Santan Dave’s drive for personal truth. The mix of technical expertise and cultural immediacy represents the full breadth of LOGAN’s creative capacity.

“As we started collaborating, we all started pushing the ideas as far as we could go creatively,” says LOGAN Executive Producer Paul Abatemarco. “By the time we ended up shooting, it had transformed into a motion-capture shoot with fully realized, dynamic environments for each story and influencer.”

In addition to animations for social media, LOGAN produced for Foot Locker an in-store print campaign around the Nike’s Air Max Plus 3.

#DiscoverYourAir marks LOGAN’s latest successful artistically ambitious viral social campaign, following on the heels of its breezy and humorous #SnapforAndroid campaign for Snapchat for which LOGAN acted as creative agency and producer.

The #DiscoverYourAir campaign is LOGAN’s latest for work for some of the world’s best brands, including Apple, Google, BMW, Lexus, Netflix and 20th Century Fox, among many others. LOGAN’s work has earned praise from the New Yorker, Wired and other publications.




Agency: Laundry Service-Cycle Collective

Executive Creative Director: Alexei Tylevich
Executive Producer: Paul Abatemarco
Creative Director: Marcelo Garcia
Lead Animator: Gaspard Lacroix
Producers: Peter Rynsky, Karina Kharchenko
Designers: Waka Ichinose, Sakona Kong, My Tran, Curry Trian, Josh Lee
Editor: Matt Anderson
Animation Team: Edwin Chiu, John Budion, Aaron Kim, Kathleen Figueroa, Roman Materna, Yu Okuizumi
Stills Photographer: Caleb Coppola

About LOGAN:

LOGAN is a Los Angeles and New York-based award-winning creative studio. Logan & Sons is the live-action division that represents a broad spectrum of directorial talent.