1stAveMachine Brings Gravity-Defying Flourish to Sagmeister & Walsh’s Bubbly New Spot for Appy Fizz

1stAveMachine, an award-winning storytelling production company re-teams with world-renowned design firm Sagmeister & Walsh to create a stylish, gravity-defying spot for India’s first sparkling fruit drink, Appy Fizz; one of the fastest growing brands from Parle Agro’s product portfolio.

Directed by acclaimed 1stAve filmmaker Morgan Harary, the aptly titled “Rise Up” combines daring levitation stunts, meticulous choreography, alluring VFX and the charisma of Appy Fizz brand ambassador, Bollywood star Salman Khan to spread the brand’s uplifting message. “The story is a surreal visual journey that celebrates the voice of Appy Fizz and serves as a metaphor for rising up,” Harary says. “It conveys the idea that no matter how much life may try to pull you down, you have the power to overcome and rise above.”

With limited time and no rehearsals, Harary had to overcome several unique challenges during production including shooting on the bustling streets of Mumbai. However, with ample creative freedom given by agency and brand and a massive crew of 250 on hand, he showcased his ingenuity and brought his vision to life. Working closely with the visual effects and local stunts teams, the 1stAve filmmaker oversaw a tremendous amount of wire work that lifted and suspended cast and vehicles to create the floating imagery. The team had to shoot multiple takes and composite the best ones to design each full shot, essentially creating sequences on the spot with little room for error.

Harary’s spontaneity and inventiveness were on display when crafting one of the “Rise Up’s” most captivating scenes, one in which Khan’s character struts on the side of a truck and appears to bend the laws of physics in the process. “We were lighting and setting up the next shot while waiting for Salman,” the director recalls. “I saw that as an opportunity, as there were trucks lined up on the block right behind the shot. We set up a nice tracking shot of a truck, and shot him top down, walking on the street on top of a fake wall that looked like the side of the truck. The shot was then composited together. Thankfully, I had a great VFX art director working with me while coming up with ideas like this on the fly. It was hectic, but fun.”

“Rise Up” spot marks the follow-up to Harary, 1stAve and Sagmeister & Walsh’s 2018 collaboration with Appy Fizz and Salman Khan dubbed #FeeltheFizz, which has racked up nearly 10 million views since launch. The director explains that this ongoing work reflects his overall filmmaking style and approach, one which has also been conveyed in campaigns for top-tier brands like Netflix, Samsung, GE, Puma and Sperry. “It’s a mix of creating a cinematic and stylized world that has a moody and edgy tone to it, and combining that seamlessly with CGI and VFX elements to suspend reality in an interesting way,” Harary says. “Creating surreal moments based in reality is an aspect of filmmaking that really excites me.”


Campaign Name: APPY FIZZ

Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh
Creative Director: Jessica Walsh

Production Company: 1stAveMachine
Director: Morgan Harary
Partner/Executive Producer: Sam Penfield
Executive Producer: Lisanne McDonald
Executive Producer: Michaela McKee
Executive Producer: Peter Replier
Line Producer: Jason Taragan
Director Of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Editor: Jonathan Vitagliano
VFX Supervisor: Michael James Glenn
Post Producer: Barry Gilbert

Service Production Company: RANSOM
Executive Producer: Salil Khurana
Executive Producer: Suhana Sharma
Producer: Akshiti Goleria
Line Producer: Sachin Singh
Assistant Director: Rohan Khambatti
2 nd Assistant Director: Sakshi Mehta
Production Manager : Pratik More
Production Manager : Nadeem Sheikh
Production Designer: Twisha Pal
Stylist (Salman): Ashley Rebello
Stylist (Other Cast): Pasham Alwani


About 1stAveMachine:

1stAveMachine is a mixed media production company and storytelling outfit. They create video, digital, and experimental content for TV, print, web, and mobile, all with a unified singular vision. They have won numerous awards since their formation, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cannes Lions, AICP, One Show, and ANDY awards, and many others. Their work has been featured across the globe and during the Super Bowl, and their division 1stAve Content has been instrumental in pairing the perfect influencers and creators with agencies and brands.