Instagram Doc ‘Social Animals’ Launches on iTunes With Satirical ‘As Seen on IG’ Vending Machines

To celebrate the iTunes launch of its acclaimed Instagram-focused documentary Social Animals, content agency Conscious Minds (CM) has set out to playfully critique the commodification of self as depicted in the film by turning common Instagram behaviors and social currency into real physical products. Partnering with e-commerce startup GIST, the CM team created a pair of “As Seen On IG” (ASOIG) vending machines, which allow consumers to swipe their credit card to buy silly, scathing, social media-themed physical products.

Beginning Dec. 11, Insta-worthy locations in Los Angeles will play host to the ASOIG vending machines, the first of which will be housed in the Downtown Ace Hotel from Dec. 11 – 16, while the second will be stationed in The World Famous Venice Barbershop from Dec. 17 – 22. The Ace Hotel ASOIG machine itself will be transported to San Francisco for a variety of events from Dec. 17 – 22 including a party at Del Mar on Dec. 19, with additional locations to be announced. Among the numerous amusing items available for sale as part of the ASOIG campaign are “1,000 likes”, a “Sliding into DMs package”, a “Thumb Spa” for your scrolling finger, “Food Porn Star” cookies and a plastic “Hashtag 8-Ball”.

According to Social Animals Director/Conscious Minds Partner Jonathan Ignatius Green, the vending machines offer a satirical yet fitting connection to the actual film, which takes a captivating, brutally honest look at three teenagers whose lives have been permanently affected by their Instagram account. “One of the things that struck us while making this film is how there is actually very little difference between how and why teenagers and adults use Instagram,” he explains. “This may be due to the human need to share and communicate, but also because this platform encourages our more adolescent impulses – evaluating our self-worth based on the amount of attention, adoration and even envy we receive from our peers. This impulse to see ourselves as brands is what the ASOIG is playfully critiquing. It’s a fun way to encourage reflection about how we use this platform, which is exactly the purpose of Social Animals itself.”

For those who can’t take part in the West Coast ASOIG experience, all the campaign’s products can also be purchased online on a platform powered by GIST. “GIST is thrilled to partner with Conscious Minds and Social Animals,” the startup states. “We believe in the power of honesty and trust to make real connections, and this project pokes fun at all of our social media falsities to challenge us to be more authentic.”

All proceeds from the ASOIG vending machine and the online store will go to non-profit Reboot & Recover, an organization dedicated to building awareness and treatments around issues of digital addictions and mental health.

ASOIG Vending Machine Locations:

Ace Hotel in DTLA: Dec. 11 – Dec. 16
World Famous Venice Barber Shop: Dec. 17 – Dec. 22
Del Mar: Dec. 19
Additional Locations to Be Announced.

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