Sibling Rivalry Director/DP Harrison Boyce Continues Exhilarating, Cycle-Driven ‘GO’ Film Series, Now from London to Paris

How do you capture an immersive journey through the most iconic and exotic locales across the pond? From a bike-riding, first-person POV, of course.

Continuing in his series of thrill-seeking, globe-spanning adventures known as ‘GO’, Sibling Rivalry director/DP and former BMX pro Harrison Boyce continues treading new ground and collaborating with close friend and fellow BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester. Following their efforts in NYC and Dubai among other cities, the journey to Paris also enlightened Boyce from a personal perspective. “From the history and architecture to the culture and lifestyle, Paris was a very special place to be able to spend a few weeks working on this project,” the director says. “For me personally, Paris is a city that I’ve spent quite a bit of time in before, but to get to experience it from the angle of GO, that was a pretty incredible way to experience the city. By spending so much time on bikes and scooters, rather than cars and subways, I was able to see and do so many things that I had never done before.”

With Sylvester and a Samsung Galaxy S9 in hand, Boyce’s latest GO effort provides another fast-paced film while producing several memorable moments and points of interaction. According to Boyce, though, the European excursion offered more of a bonding experience while reinforcing the fun and integrity of the GO project. “Nigel is one of my best friends and one of the hardest working people I know,” he states. “During our weeks in Europe, we experienced London’s classic skate park, rode in a chauffeured Rolls Royce that Rolls Royce kindly gifted to us at no cost, rode the spiral roller coaster five times back to back and almost puking, were able to film in the guts of the Pompidou Museum and went to our first ever pro soccer match at Paris St. Germain. The experiences we have had traveling the world, working on the GO films together, have created memories I will have for the rest of my life.”

Working without a brief or protocol from a brand or agency that can often restrain a director, Boyce and Sylvester were given creative freedom to showcase their love of wheel-led adventure. “What makes the GO series so unique to me is that it’s just me and Nigel doing whatever we want to do,” he adds. “There are no agencies, no brands, or anyone else involved that has any say in any of the creative. While I understand the need of the traditional commercial and all roles that are involved in making those commercials happen, there is something special about two motivated creative friends working together with no limitations.”

Sibling Rivalry Executive Producers Maggie Meade and Shelby Ross add how Boyce’s travels and videologue reflect the production company’s innovative aesthetic and approach. “Harrison continues to be a trailblazer while storytelling in his own dynamic voice. We’re excited to see where this relationship goes and support projects of this nature.”


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