Renowned Digital Curator/Creative Zoë Salditch Joins HUSH as Senior Producer

Concept-driven experience design agency HUSH has strengthened its creative production department by appointing Zoë Salditch to the role of Senior Producer.

During her years as a creative producer and digital art curator, Salditch directed efforts for Rhizome at New Museum, edited for GIPHY, collaborated with Moogfest, Tribeca Film Festival and artist Ai Weiwei and co-founded her own digital art product and platform, Electric Objects. With the latter, Salditch commissioned 200 artists, thousands of artworks, and grew a community and company. “I helped grow Electric Objects from 2 to 15 full-time employees, and launched and delivered a successful first-generation product. As curator, I built a platform for telling stories about digital culture through a thoughtfully designed, single-use technology. I enjoyed sharing artwork that celebrated its material with our growing audience.”

Now as HUSH Senior Producer, Salditch hopes to apply the insights she’s gained from her previous work in digital curation, product development, artistic collaboration and storytelling into a position that requires constant communication and a level of humanization. “The Electric Objects experience taught me how to communicate, listen and keeping asking questions to all kinds of people with so many personalities, from so many different disciplines and people with different vocabulary. As a curator, I largely focused on humanizing digital art – very much in the same way HUSH humanizes information through design. Through the experiences we create, we ultimately tell stories about the people and businesses behind the raw information.”

According to David Schwarz, Creative Partner at HUSH, Salditch brings a unique skill set that amplifies the experience design firm’s work for premier brands through data-driven, interactive and experiential projects: “We often articulate our work as living along a spectrum between the ‘artful’ and the ‘useful’. I think Zoë wonderfully represents our ability to deliver value in this way. She understands the power of artistry just as clearly as the importance of a robust digital platform. She’s already applying these insights in our work for Instagram and WeWork, and will be pivotal in helping to develop our own intellectual property and design products.”


About HUSH:

HUSH is a concept-driven design firm. We integrate digital technology and physical environments to create powerful brand experiences for our client’s customers, employees and partners.