Sibling Rivalry Director Joe Wright Soars with Inspiring, Data-Driven Film for HPE

Creating a sense of wonderment while capturing data-driven aviary expedition in the process, Sibling Rivalry Co-Founder/Partner/Director Joe Wright unveils a new, ambitious short film for enterprise information technology giant, HPE.

With a diverse portfolio that includes numerous awards, placement in the permanent collection of Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s, branding and design for the BET Awards as well as commercial efforts for Lexus and Cadillac, Wright brings his unique vision to introduce HPE’s ‘Edge Computing’ to the masses. “Edge Computing is a complex subject, to say the least. HPE, though, was open to keeping the concept somewhat abstract, as we were looking for a more poetic and visual representation of data management.” the director explains. “I chose to use bird murmurations and their migratory patterns as a metaphor for the future of intelligent data, and this became the theme for the film, and I then built the narrative around it.”

Ideated and shot over the course of four weeks among the rolling hills, grand vistas and rattlesnakes at Simi Valley, CA’s famous Big Sky Movie Ranch, Wright’s film for HPE infuses wonder, observation, and data analysis to show how technology and organic, artistic and scientific endeavors can be wholly unified. Moreso, the HPE campaign showcases how Sibling Rivalry creates original content while elevating and creating brand awareness. “I think this film is a great example of how Sibling can take a subject that some may initially see as cerebral and factual, and creating a dynamic visual narrative that feels inspired, exciting and intimate,” he adds. “HPE gave us the flexibility to drive the creative, but of course had invaluable input when it came to the messaging, and it was a great collaboration throughout.”

Sibling Rivalry’s and HPE’s ‘Edge Computing’ film will first be projected live on multiple large screens at the brand’s multiple global conferences, and then featured online and on all social media outlets.


Credit List:

Director: Joe Wright
EP: Maggie Meade, Shelby Ross
Head of Production: Joanna Fillie
DP: Oliver Millar
Producer: Betsy Blakemore
Post Producer: Renee Haar
Editor: Gabe Darling
Technical Director: Justin Zurrow, Scott Hubbard
Compositing/Animation: Keith Kin Yan, Chris Foster, Sohee Sohn
Music, Sound Design, Mix: Yessian

About Sibling Rivalry:

Sibling Rivalry is a production company that focuses on telling stories for brands, networks, and people. With the goal of creating the ultimate emotional connection to the audience, Sibling Rivalry grounds itself in its strong ideals and friendly debates. We are all Sibling.