What? Watch Encourages Self-Expression, Delivers Inspiration with Stylish ‘Quotes Watch’

On the heels of its highly successful product launch of the sleek, minimal Calendar Watch, smartwatch brand What? Watch has returned to unveil a stylish new wrist accessory dubbed ‘Quotes Watch.’

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Crafted by ISPO Gold award-winning industrial designer Ulrich Oberwelz, Quotes Watch is an app-driven timepiece that displays not just time of day, but words of inspiration to propel the daily lives of students, young professionals and active men and women of all ages.

Reflecting What? Watch’s minimalistic, monofunctional approach that negates the tech-heavy clutter of standard smartwatch design, Quotes Watch seamlessly connects the digital and physical space through a singular Quotes app. Whether relaying profound words from the Quotes database, personal texts from loved ones or Twitter messages from specific channels, the Quotes app allows Quotes Watch wearers to add their own unique flair to their messages through the customization of sources, categories, fonts and style filters. “Quotes Watch is more than just a timekeeper,” What? Watch CEO Igor Basargin states. “It’s a very emotional product, as it has the power to inspire, connect people on a more intimate level, motivate and be used to express oneself.”

With Kickstarter pledge pricing starting at ~ $90, and two for ~ $140, Quotes Watch serves as an ideal fashion accessory with its sleek, slender design, swipeable display and fresh color variations. According to Basargin, crowdfunding through Kickstarter continues to be the most ideal outlet to bring a product to market.

“We hope to get the Kickstarter community to not only back the project but also buy into the idea, so that we can bring inspiring, uplifting words into their daily lives. After running two successful Kickstarter campaigns, we couldn’t be in a better position or have a better product to launch our next campaign. We love this project, and are hoping that potential backers will also love it.”

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About What? Watch:

Composed of a diverse international cast of designers and entrepreneurs, What? Watch is focused on rethinking traditional timekeeping. Our aim is to create products that are distinctive and interesting. Providing both great value for the money and truly meaningful emotional benefits, our watches combine digital and analog, technology and style, in distinctive and original ways. From Tokyo to Helsinki, Zurich to New York, our global design perspective serves to reshape the way how What? Watch wearers perceive and interact with time.