Eyeing Further US Growth, North Kingdom Joins Nordic-Based Communications Group, The North Alliance

In an effort to both further its growth in the US and expand its capabilities and offering, multi-award-winning global experience agency North Kingdom has announced that it has been acquired by Nordic-based communications group, The North Alliance (NoA).

Founded in 2003 in the rural northern Swedish town of Skellefteå by Robert Lindström and current CEO Roger Stighäll, North Kingdom quickly established itself and the Scandinavian region as a digital production innovator and powerhouse. In the ensuing years, the agency has created a highly productive working relationship with Google, LEGO, Disney and adidas, was one of the first FWA Hall of Fame inductees, crafted the viral/social sensation “Straight Outta Somewhere” for Beats and expanded its robust staff across three offices in Skellefteå, Stockholm and Los Angeles.

However, after remaining an independent agency built on experience, product and service design for the last 15 years, North Kingdom felt the timing was now optimal to join the NoA network according to agency Managing Director US, Nina Amjadi. “It’s no secret that being an independent agency in an ever-evolving industry only allows you to grow so much,” explains the exec. “You kind of hit a growth-plateau and after 15 years of delivering excellent work to global brands across our three offices, we felt it was time to unlock the next level.”

In NoA, Amjadi sees a network of dedicated growth consultants that truly helps clients thrive and has delivered some of the world’s best creative work in just a few years of existence. “We have been watching NoA since their launch and were impressed by how early they got the group to deliver,” she says. “By joining the network, we will now challenge each other and develop further together. We have had a strong position in the USA. With NoA on the team, we have a stronger platform for further growth with a partnership that would allow us to continue to flourish on our own and focus on growing each individual market locally while adding value to the greater group.”

With the acquisition by NoA, the Swedish North Kingdom offices can now focus on the Nordic region and coordinate on specific projects with the hub in LA, where Amjadi will manage US operations, spearhead the office’s growth and continue designing high-quality work for clients – only now with “greater muscle” and on a larger scale. Ultimately, though, North Kingdom found kinship with NoA through their shared emphasis on collaboration, vision and value proposition.

“North Kingdom is joining a culture of collaboration in the NoA family which has been part of our DNA from day one,” Amjadi adds. “We share the same values of humility, honesty and curiosity and we are passionate about creating great customer experiences while using a startup mentality. North Kingdom and NoA share a holistic view on combining communication, design and tech to create meaningful and relevant solutions for our clients. This acquisition also allows us to be flexible and adaptable for our clients needs.”

As a result of North Kingdom’s move within The North Alliance umbrella, the latter network grows to nearly 800 employees and consolidates its position as a leading group for creativity in design, communications and technology. With a roster that traverses the globe, The North Alliance now consists of North Kingdom, advertising agencies Anorak, Åkestam Holst, Round & Round and & Co, the technology and design companies Making Waves and Great Works, and agencies Clay and Evidence Strategy.


About North Kingdom:

We are an experience design agency that believes new value can be created wherever people, business, and technology collide. We help our clients harness that value through the creation of experiences, products, and services that play a meaningful role in people’s lives. Through human-centered design, we make the complex simple and relatable, no matter what medium or platform.

About The North Alliance:

The North Alliance is a family of diverse talents. By bridging the gaps between communication, design and technology, we create new paths to growth.