General Population, Public House Films Select Two Films for Sundance-Exclusive Finishing Fund, GenPop – Public House

As the 2018 Sundance Film Festival gets underway, one of the success stories heading into the event is that of GenPop-Public House, the Sundance-exclusive finishing fund launched by renowned production companies General Population and Public House Films.

Led by Sundance alumni, Nick Moceri (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Deidra & Lainey Rob a Train) and Producer Aaron Boyd (Columbus), GenPop – Public House has announced that it is backing not one, but two films with finishing funds that are premiering at the festival: The Kindergarten Teacher and Madeline’s Madeline.

The first film, helmed by New York-based writer-director Sara Colangelo, stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as a jaded kindergarten teacher whose life becomes rejuvenated by a potential poetic child prodigy. Madeline’s Madeline, meanwhile, features indie star Miranda July and a breakout performance from Helena Howard who stars as the film namesake who’s dedicated to her theater workshop but is subsequently pushed to weave her history and rich interior confines, eventually blurring the lines between performance and reality. “We feel very privileged to be supporting The Kindergarten Teacher and Madeline’s Madeline as our first projects with the finishing fund,” Moceri says. “They both come from visionary directors, they have great casts, and their producing teams are top-notch.”

Primarily intended to cover post-production finishing costs and festival support, including publicity and sales, GenPop – Public House’s investments fulfill the fund’s goal of of helping filmmaking and production talent get their films ready for Sundance by providing the financing needed to achieve their vision. According to Moceri, after the initial success of the fund, the plan is continue to build on its Sundance presence and potentially expand beyond to other events. “We believe in Sundance as a showcase for amazingly innovative and creative voices, and we hope to be back next year in support of even more films,” he adds. “We also look at this as a way to develop new relationships with filmmakers and producers, with the goal of participating in projects prior to production.”


About General Population:

Founded in 2015 by Ben Conrad and Nick Moceri. General Population is a multi-platform content creation studio creating stories and experiences for an ever-changing media landscape.

About Public House Films:

Public House Films is a new film finance, development and production company focused on producing elevated content through traditional and emerging models. Founded in 2017 by producers Aaron Boyd and Ryan Frost and private equity investor Thane Ritchie.