Rocket Film Signs on Acclaimed Food & Lifestyle Director/Photographer Ben Fink

Bicoastal production company Rocket Film has added to its award-winning directorial roster by signing on multitalented filmmaker/photographer, Ben Fink.

With over 30 years of experience behind the lens, Fink has not only conveyed his creative flair and unique artistic vision for high-profile brands such as Kraft, McDonald’s, Burger King, Food Network, Eggo Waffles, Hellmann’s and Hillshire Farms, but has established himself as a premier visual storyteller in the food and lifestyle sectors. According to the prolific Fink, who has collaborated on projects with culinary stars and organizations including Bobby Flay, Daniel Boulud, Rachael Ray, Anne Burrell and the Culinary Institute of America, food has consistently served as a fundamental, connective subject to capture during his career. “In shooting editorial articles for years around the world, I found one thing we all have in common is we need to eat to stay alive. This is always an entry point into a culture that might be so very different from your own. You may not even be able to communicate verbally but, somehow, food will bring you together. It makes people smile, sometimes frown, but often laugh. It’s a neutralizer, and often a common ground place.”

Beyond his renowned forays into food, Fink has shown his versatility as both a director and photographer across the globe, from turning his camera to profile open heart surgeries on children in Peru, Belarus, China and Sudan to filming a short doc about a Russian Orthodox monk in Jordanville, New York. Along the way, the versatile artist has seamlessly allowed one visual medium to inspire the other. “As a photographer, I can take one image that I think is good photographically and technically as well as for its content, and then through manipulation of color and retouching I can transform an ordinary image into something extraordinary,” Fink explains. “This comes from my background in studying painting, art history in art school as well as graphic design. This influences the motion side of my work as well, in so far as to know how to achieve artful – and often appetizing – moving images, to tell the best story.”

Now, as part of Rocket Film’s roster, Fink has found a venue in which he hopes to hone his filmmaking skills and expand his scope of work from commercials and web content to more short film, features and documentaries. “I want to grow to be the best director I can be, one day a time, to keep my ears, my eyes, and my heart open and expand in directions I didn’t know existed, and not be pigeonholed into one particular genre,” he states. “At Rocket, it feels like we’re all on the same page and coming together to do something potentially really meaningful. I look forward to the work we will do together in the future.”

Regarding her company’s latest directorial signing, Rocket Film Owner and Managing Director Sara Eolin adds that Fink brings something wholly unique yet perfectly fitting to its roster of talent. “Ben’s work looks like a moving painting. Table top is a tough genre to stand out in, and he bowled us over. We’re always looking for collaborators and directors who inspire everyone on the roster. Ben feels like a long lost friend.”


About Rocket Film:

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