Rocket Film Boosts US Presence By Signing Midwest, West Coast Representation

In a move to further hone its team and expand its scope of noteworthy talent, bicoastal production company Rocket Film has signed on Tracy Fetterman and Jeanie DiMaggio for West Coast representation as well as Dawn Rao and Sam Sloma for the Midwest region.

“They are all excited and engaged,” Rocket Film EP/Head of New Business Susanne Kelly says. “These are reps who love the talent, who want to help build our talent, and came to us with clear strategy for how to work in their territories.”

With a lauded directorial roster including Co-Founders/innovators Ken Arlidge and Klaus Obermeyer, narrative storyteller/documentarian Dara Bratt, VFX/architectural maestro Sam O’Hare, TV and commercial director/editor/producer Dave Rogers, visionary commercial auteur Trevor McMahon and multiple Cannes Lions-winning comedy director Alex Grossman, Rocket Film was seeking talent management reps that shared the same can-do spirit and inventiveness, minus the ego. “At Rocket, we want to build a culture not just a company,” Managing Director Sara Eolin adds. “From the directors to the producers to the reps, everyone feeds off each other’s energy and thoughtfulness. When you’re working with people that you love to be around and collaborate with, the work is always better, smarter and tuned in. Dawn & Sam and Tracy & Jeanie were immediate fits.”

Along with Rocket Film, the newly signed West Coast and Midwest reps’ collective client roster includes a variety of fellow revered companies including Park Pictures, Bob Industries, Spotwelders, Harvest Films, and Honor Society.


About Rocket Film:

Remember the wonderment of looking up into the sky, and letting your creativity run wild? You wanted to be an astronaut, a bounty hunter… or a filmmaker. Well, we still do…a filmmaker, that is… Our passion is creating environments which truly empower artists, and through that, we change the world, one project at a time. Because when brilliant creative is your North Star, the sky no longer becomes the limit. We are Rocket Film.