Creative Studio CVLT Brings CG Expertise for Anthropologie’s Augmented Reality-Powered Custom Furniture Shopping Experience

Multichannel lifestyle brand Anthropologie has enlisted bicoastal production and post-production studio CVLT to add CGI and AR flourish to its new, technologically-enhanced shopping experience for its custom furniture program in the U.S.

Working in close collaboration with Anthropologie, CVLT transformed the brand’s vast library of visual assets from its custom furniture product pages into a rich, seamless CGI-enhanced canvas that allows for real-time exploration and customization of designs. “This is a high-end retail brand evolving from traditional photography to CGI, so the creative needed to be as true to the product as possible,” CVLT Partner Alberto Ruiz explains. “The integrity of the textures, product dimensions and studio lighting were all incredibly important aspects of ensuring the Anthropologie customer had the best experience possible.”

During a brisk, yet effective five-month production process, CVLT revamped an immense collection of 96,000 assets, resulting in the highest-quality, 360 3D images on the Anthropologie custom furniture website. With CVLT’s CGI renderings and enhancements, customers visiting Anthropologie’s site can now not only access a multitude of upholstery options organized by style, fabric, color, and additional customization choices, but have the ability to study pieces from every angle to an incredible level of detail.

“We went to meticulous lengths to ensure the luster of each fabric and finish came through in lifelike detail, especially in zoom views, so each item felt unique and authentic,” Ruiz adds. “Beyond the 96,000 assets created, the number of variables within each furniture family required that we be incredibly organized: 130 furniture shapes (or styles), 11 fabrics, 152 colors, multiple leg finishes and choices within wood, metal and lucite, and color-coordinated backgrounds created a very large puzzle to solve.”

Along with creative development, CGI modeling and textures, CVLT consulted on and optimized assets for Anthropologie’s AR feature as the brand integrated Apple’s ARKit technology into its iOS app. With nearly 100% scale, texture and accuracy in its imagery, Anthropologie’s AR function allows consumers to confirm customized styles’ physical and aesthetic fit in rooms, with existing furniture and décor and consider the effect of light and shadows. In addition, the refreshed Anthropologie app allows customers to share their views and gather second opinions from friends and family via social media and emails before placing orders within the app itself.

According to Ruiz, the ambitious Anthropologie endeavor, from CGI execution to AR optimization, was ultimately realized through a highly collaborative process between studio and brand. “We worked closely together with everyone on the Anthropologie Home team at every step of the way from creative standard setting to texture development and model accuracy,” he adds. “We were embedded with their team and them with ours for the five months we worked together. At CVLT, transparency and partnership, along with emphasis and priority on creative quality, are three of our core values. When clients are open to partnering in this way, amazing things can happen.”


About CVLT:

CVLT is a creative production and post production company. We are a collective of storytellers, filmmakers, photographers and digital artists. We seek to inspire through compelling stories and beautiful visuals. Our projects span digital, print, broadcast, experiential and emerging mediums. You can find us in New York City + Los Angeles.

About Anthropologie:

Anthropologie is a multi-channel lifestyle brand that celebrates fashion, art, culture, design and discovery. In addition to a popular catalog and website, Anthropologie maintains 225 stores in the U.S., Canada and Europe including six Anthropologie & Co. locations. Founded in 1992, the company is led by David McCreight CEO of the Anthropologie Group and president of URBN a portfolio of global consumer brands comprised of Anthropologie, BHLDN Free People, Terrain, Urban Outfitters and the Vetri Family.