General Population, Public House Films Partner to Form Sundance-Exclusive Finishing Fund, GenPop-Public House

Renowned production companies General Population and Public House Films have joined forces launch a new, Sundance Film Festival-exclusive finishing fund dubbed GenPop-Public House.

Led by Sundance alumni, Nick Moceri (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Deidra & Lainey Rob a Train) and Producer Aaron Boyd (Columbus), GenPop-Public House aims to benefit emerging filmmakers and producers by providing financing for films in need of help during the crucial push between being accepted to Sundance before Thanksgiving to the festival premiere itself. “As producers of Sundance films, Aaron and I know firsthand what a scramble it can be to get a film done in time,” says Moceri, who serves as Head of Film & TV Development at GenPop. “We understand the unique challenges that filmmakers and producers having during this window of time, and we want to help be part of the solution. We know that every year there are films scrambling for extra funds, and we want to be there to support them.”

Investments will vary per film, and both narrative and documentary films are eligible for support. The fund is targeted to those films that have been submitted to Sundance. Regarding the Sundance exclusivity, Moceri explains, “If it weren’t for Sundance supporting the first two films I was involved with as a producer, I wouldn’t have a career. I believe in the mission of the festival, and the Sundance Institute as a whole, and that’s where we want to focus our energies for this venture. Sundance is one of the few truly premiere film festivals in the world, which means added pressure and eyeballs, and we want films to have their best opportunity possible to shine and sell to distributors that will bring them to a larger audience.”

Primarily intended to cover post-production finishing costs and festival support, including publicity and sales, GenPop-Public House’s investments fulfill the fund’s goal of of helping filmmaking and production talent get their films ready for Sundance by providing the financing needed to achieve their vision. “GenPop and Public House are production companies,” adds Boyd, “and this is an opportunity to develop new relationships with other filmmakers and producers, which will hopefully be beneficial to everyone involved.”



For any questions or interest, please contact Nick Moceri,, 310-435-3697.

About General Population:

Founded in 2015 by Ben Conrad and Nick Moceri. General Population is a multi-platform content creation studio creating stories and experiences for an ever-changing media landscape.

About Public House Films:

Public House Films is a new film finance, development and production company focused on producing elevated content through traditional and emerging models. Founded in 2017 by producers Aaron Boyd and Ryan Frost and private equity investor Thane Ritchie.