Rocket Film Elevates Head of Biz Dev Susanne Kelly to Executive Producer

On the heels of launching in New York and Los Angeles, production company Rocket Film is quickly bolstering its leadership from within as Susanne Kelly, Head of Sales and New Business Development, has been promoted to Executive Producer in its New York office.

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With her promotion, Kelly now joins an established management team at Rocket Film that includes Co-Founders Sara Eolin, Klaus Obermeyer and Ken Arlidge along with fellow Executive Producer Cory Noonan and EP/Head of Production, Marla Whittaker. According to Kelly, who along with the rest of Rocket’s leadership spent the past several years shaping and steering renowned production company Aero Film, her rise to EP has been a somewhat natural progression. “The role of EP came organically and has been in the works for a while,” she says.  “I’ve been exclusively working with most of the team for almost five years with my role inherently growing over that time. I’m beyond excited to help launch Rocket with such a talented group of people.  I know diving into this role, I’m surrounded by people who are consummate pros that I fully trust.”

As Rocket Executive Producer, and one with a decade’s worth of industry experience, Kelly will continue working on business development and sales on the East Coast, while increasing collaboration with the company’s Midwest and West Coast sales teams on overarching tone and strategy. In addition, she’ll play a significant role in nurturing and growing the production company’s award-winning directorial talent, with a focus on further diversifying Rocket’s roster and scope of work. “My goals are making sure our clients always consider us and our directors are feeling successful,” Kelly explains. “We have talent at all levels to tackle the ever-changing game out there.  I’m proud of who we’re working with, and the collaborative nature of each one of them. If we can continue attracting talent and clients like that, while making a concerted effort to create and find what inspires us, I couldn’t ask for more. Except maybe more women directors!”

According to Managing Director Eolin, as Rocket Film commences its successful liftoff, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate for Kelly to assume the title of EP. “Susanne epitomizes all that Rocket stands for. She’s creative, strategic and the most loyal ally one could ever have. She is an integral part of the Rocket family – not to mention her book recommendations are always stellar, along with restaurants, movies, music, plays, etc.”


About Rocket Film:

Remember the wonderment of looking up into the sky, and letting your creativity run wild? You wanted to be an astronaut, a bounty hunter… or a filmmaker. Well, we still do…a filmmaker, that is… Our passion is creating environments which truly empower artists, and through that, we change the world, one project at a time. Because when brilliant creative is your North Star, the sky no longer becomes the limit. We are Rocket Film.