Donut Media Rolls Out Fun, First Original Online Video Series, ‘Up To Speed’

After cultivating an audience of millions by creating one-off social content and videos around cars, automotive-focused digital media publisher Donut Media is shifting to another gear with the launch of its first original online video series, Up To Speed, which has already garnered over 7 millions views and nearly 150,000 shares with its first episode alone.

Hosted by Donut producer James Pumphrey, the weekly Up To Speed series consists of 6-8-minute episodes that effectively blend humor, pop culture clips, memes, interviews and fast-paced footage to shed fun, new light on coveted, classic automotive models from the Nissan Skyline to the Porsche Boxster.

Equally informative, entertaining and appealing to mainstream audiences, millennials, car enthusiasts and brands alike, Up To Speed reflects Donut Media’s drive to create more original, valuable long-form content, which was further reinforced by the publisher’s recent signing to talent agency, WME. “We’ve had a lot of success creating one-off videos, but as we’ve grown fans have been begging us to do a series. We’ll continue doing the one-offs we’re known for, but now our fans will know exactly what they’re getting each week.” Donut CEO Matt Levin explains. “We also are seeing more and more brand advertisers that don’t just need custom content, but want to integrate their product or message into a popular, existing series. Up To Speed is a great candidate for a variety of different brands to come in and sponsor.”

With each episode scripted and shot in a matter of days, Up To Speed has already boasted viewership over 14x the total size of Donut Media’s normal audience according to Pumphrey, who proclaims that the publisher plans to deliver “a new episode every week for the next quarter-century.” “Up To Speed represents everything we are as a brand – it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s educational, and it’s accessible,” Levin adds. “This show is designed to convert non-enthusiasts to the religion of cars, but we hope it can be just as enjoyable and educational even for the know-it-alls. We hope that anyone can catch an episode and learn something new, and share in a little bit of the passion that we have around our favorite cars!”

To check out episodes of Up To Speed and plenty more engaging, enjoyable Donut Media content, visit the publisher’s YouTube channel.


About Donut Media:

Donut Media is turning car culture into pop culture. By combining top industry creators with a data-driven creative process, Donut has become the fastest growing millennial-focused publisher of automotive content. Donut has since taken these innovations to create high-quality, targeted branded content for some of the world’s biggest advertisers, as well as creating a slate of original programming for television. Donut Media was founded in 2015 by Ben Conrad (Logan, director Gymkhana 4-7), Matthew Levin (AwesomenessTV), and a team from GoPro, Wasserman Media Group, Fullscreen and more.