Automotive-Focused Digital Media Publisher Donut Media Signs with WME

On the heels of securing $800,000 in seed funding and launching its own internal content agency Donut Brand Studio, automotive-centric, millennial-focused digital media publisher Donut Media has signed with talent agency, WME.


“We’ve had a lot of success creating short and medium form content around cars and motorsports, but we never intended to stop there,” Donut Media Co-Founder Nick Moceri explains. “We’ve had our eye on TV and longer form for a while, and have been looking for a partner who can help us translate our content creation abilities for other mediums. Our relationship with WME now provides us instant access talent, brand, production relationships and strategy around these partnerships to help us ensure that we’re working with the right people, at the right time, on the right projects.”

Launched in 2015, Donut Media has quickly risen to become a premier video platform geared towards young car enthusiasts. With its innovative, data-backed process for creating highly shareable automotive content, the publisher, which specializes in merging car culture and pop culture, has earned millions of monthly views across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

According to Moceri, signing with WME offers a robust foundation to build new relationships and delve into new forms of content. “We have already seen a huge increase in relationship and opportunities on the unscripted programming, live events and digital side, and we’re beginning to explore the talent and brand relationships, as well,” the exec adds. “We only expect this to continue with WME, who have the ability to scale with us as we grow. They’re excited and interested in what we’re doing, and we’re operating from a shared vision.


About Donut Media:

Donut Media is turning car culture into pop culture. By combining top industry creators with a data-driven creative process, Donut has become the fastest growing millennial-focused publisher of automotive content. Donut has since taken these innovations to create high-quality, targeted branded content for some of the world’s biggest advertisers, as well as creating a slate of original programming for television. Donut Media was founded in 2015 by Ben Conrad (Logan, director Gymkhana 4-7), Matthew Levin (AwesomenessTV), and a team from GoPro, Wasserman Media Group, Fullscreen and more.