Content Agency, Mustache, Launches Creative Web Platform ‘What’s That Noise’, Expands Operations with New Office

Mustache continues its rapid growth as a content creation-focused agency, in both scope and space. The Brooklyn-based operation has not only opened the doors to spacious new offices, but is reaching out to artists, filmmakers and the creative community at large to showcase their work with the launch of a creative web platform dubbed What’s That Noise.

Developed as an evolving video archive that serves as a space where in-house and outside creators can shift focus from traditional client work to experiment with their own concepts in art, content and creative, Mustache’s new platform will be led by the agency’s Head of Content, Charles Runnette, who will source the material. “What’s That Noise is an experiment in creating and curating exciting, innovative content for ourselves and the general public,” Mustache Executive Creative Director John Limotte says. “We’re highlighting work that we think should get noticed and have a bigger platform, so we’re positioning the site for smart people we know and ones we want to know, for potential clients of Mustache, for cool people we’re trying to get to work for us, and for new directors we want to work with us.”

Launching with nearly a dozen pieces of content, which cover the creative content spectrum from quirky animated shorts (MTV’s Guy Code/Girl Code star and @Midnight regular Matteo Lane’s “My Dream Funeral”) to a stirring documentary about a marching band (Kevin Mastman’s “Cadets”), What’s That Noise will be updated approximately three times a week with fresh videos that carry both unique internal and external perspectives. “It’s a sandbox for us and our creative friends to play in,” Runnette adds. “We’re creating a space for our people, and the people we love/admire/want to meet, to show off their latest best thing — which will be the next big thing, we hope. We’re a creative shop that appreciates creators, creative spirit and tries to foster that among our own team of creatives and directors.”

Along with the launch of What’s That Noise, Mustache has upgraded its operations by moving into a vast, new rooftop studio in Brooklyn’s thriving, innovative DUMBO neighborhood that overlooks lower Manhattan. Working with a diverse client roster including Amazon, Google, Netflix and Kiehl’s while serving as a production company for Viceland and IFC among other networks, Mustache has positioned itself as an agency calibrated to execute a variety of work such as 360 campaigns, social marketing executions and, in particular, branded and original content, as proven by its newly launched video portal.

With a belief in the centrality of creative content, a fully integrated model that houses creative, strategy, production, post-production and distribution under one roof, Mustache first moved into television on the heels of its hit web show, Most Expensivist Shit (over 100 million views). In turn, the agency is now leveraging its capabilities, talent and relationships into this new platform.

“With What’s That Noise, we want to create and curate content that makes us laugh, tear up a little or think,” adds Mustache Head of Digital Jeff Cambron. “More importantly, we’re looking to showcase talent and interesting projects we love on WTN and also possibly getting attention from networks, streaming services and clients we work with who could potentially be interested in these bits of genius content. unexpected, fresh, a little weird and, of course, beautiful to look at.”


About Mustache:

Mustache is an agency that creates sleek digital platforms and entertaining content for really amazing clients.