Donut Media Launches Donut Brand Studio to Develop Millennial-Driven, Automotive-Themed Content

Automotive-focused, Los Angeles-based digital media publisher Donut Media is aiming to fuel the fandom of millennial gearheads and mainstream audiences alike with the launch of a new internal content agency, Donut Brand Studio.


Led by Donut CCO and automotive filmmaking innovator Ben Conrad, former GoPro head of motorsports media James Kirkham, and athlete-driven automotive content pioneers Jacob Agajanian and Andrew Laputka, Donut Brand Studio will function as a full-scale creative services operation. By leveraging the audience, data and insights of Donut Media, Brand Studio offers something truly unique to current and prospective clients in the automotive sector. “Because of the close relationship with our publishing wing, Donut Brand Studio is able to provide a suite of services unlike anyone else in the space,” Conrad says. “When we approach a project, we are not just relying on the strength of our creatives – which of course is very strong. We are working off of hundreds of millions of views, hundreds of thousands of fans, and millions of points of data – putting together insights and ideas that don’t occur to us on a whim, but are backed by real knowledge and experience.”

Launched in 2015, Donut Media has quickly risen to become a premier video platform geared towards young car enthusiasts. With its innovative, data-backed process for creating highly shareable automotive content earning millions of monthly views across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the company also recently secured $800,000 in seed funding from several VC firms.

Still, while the automotive industry continues to drive the heart of Donut Media, Co-Founder/CEO Matthew Levin adds that the brand has been increasingly expanding its portfolio into other sectors. “Working with automakers and endemic advertisers is great, but we’ve found a lot of success working with less obvious clients. Our audience is united by a passion for technology, the rush of speed, and the style of cars. We’ve already been working in food and beverage, and there’s no reason we couldn’t work in apparel or retail. The same way that TV advertising isn’t limited by the content of the program, neither are we. You don’t just advertise footballs during NFL broadcasts.”

With the launch of Donut Brand Studio, Donut Media is reinforcing its move into broader markets and amplifying its capabilities. The new unit, in turn, further propels a brand that understands creating successful content, as proven by its work for Nissan and Ford, among others. “Everyone in the space is trying to hit the very small target of breakout video success, and some companies have pretty good instincts,” notes Levin, “but we’re the only ones shooting at it with the lights on.”


About Donut Media:

Donut Media is turning car culture into pop culture. By combining top industry creators with a data-driven creative process, Donut has become the fastest growing millennial-focused publisher of automotive content. Donut has since taken these innovations to create high-quality, targeted branded content for some of the world’s biggest advertisers, as well as creating a slate of original programming for television. Donut Media was founded in 2015 by Ben Conrad (Logan, director Gymkhana 4-7), Matthew Levin (AwesomenessTV), and a team from GoPro, Wasserman Media Group, Fullscreen and more.